Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Time to get Beautified

What would a bunch of posts be without some hair fun!?
Obviously it wouldn't be me-
I had to squeeze some hair stories and fun pictures
for your enjoyment!

Everyday I'm learning something new,
it's surprising because I'm about halfway through already!
But I love it and treasure every day there,
each day is unique.

I'm just gonna let the pictures do the talking for this:

I did my aunts highlights
The top right is before.
What a difference :)
The next 4 pictures are of my beautiful cousin.
I did her hair and makeup for her senior prom!!  

The day we were heading to the airport, my mom decided her haircut
wasn't short enough...
so I gave her a nice cut and thinning session before we left

highlights on a client

my beautiful Brianne,
my blond bombshell :)

beautiful blow dry!

re-dyed the underneath of my hair finally!
 The next 3 are of my friend getting blonder!
She went from a little blond to 
Look at all those foils in there!

And there ya have it,
a little hair fun and update for ya :)

What's your favorite color?
Anything you love!?
Need help with a new look??
Leave a comment below and I'll help ya out!
And share all about your hair stories, 
good an bad!!!

Stay tuned...
tomorrow I'll tell ya all about 
white water rafting through the rainforest!


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