Monday, June 24, 2013


After our wonderful day of rest
and becoming lobsters under the sun
(even with SPF 50 sunblock),
Sir Dan, myself, my dad, sister, and her bf
met our driver bright and early after
our delicious breakfast and off we went.
It took two and a half hours of driving through
the country and many little villages
to get to our first excursion.

Papa de Nicole is better than a tour guide!
Before we arrived in Costa Rica,
he had been researching multiple places for each excursion
to make sure we got the best one during our visit.
Hence why instead of going to a zip lining place close to our resort,
we traveled the country to literally the coolest place there.

I don't know if you completely understand how poor 
it is in Costa Rica,
but it is a third world country,
where you can buy a house 
(not a very good one)
for $250 dollars!!!
So while we drove through the country,
we saw just how poor it is.
It was sad to see.
The drive was also extremely fun and crazy!
We literally were scaling the side of a mountain-
it definitely got our adrenaline up and going before we even got there.

We arrived at a hotel,
where the excursion left from.
It was in the middle of a mountain
with lots of trees, hills, and animals!
Once we got harnessed up,
we got in to yet another truck, this one was huge
and had 4 wheel drive,
which was much needed for our journey to the zip lines.
We were scaling a mountain of clay like dirt and rocks-
not pebbles, ROCKS!
And people actually lived up there, 
in the middle of no where!

After about a half hour of traveling through the country,
we arrived at our starting point.
We got our helmets and gloves,
and a scorpion!!!
Yes, that is right, a scorpion!
It was in a compartmet of the truck,
not hurting anybody.
Our tour guides weren't phased by it at all,
two of them took sticks and pulled the stinger off its tail.
At that point, 
he wasn't harmful and the guys were playing with it.
without its stinger,
it will only survive for a little while.

I was in charge of the go-pro for this excursion which was fun.
We'd start it at the beginning of when I'd go down,
and I'd keep it going to watch everybody zip line.

Sir Dan and I have been zip lining before,
on our honeymoon actually.
But this,
this was unlike any other zip line we've both done.
It was beautiful!!
That's really all I can say,
stunning and ssooo natural and unharmed.
We went over waterfalls, 
trees, animals, etc.
We got to take a break halfway through
and go swimming in a waterfall!!!
It was the purest water I've ever seen-
it was like how poland spring tastes!
Chilly, but it felt good with all the work we were doing.
Now because we traveled to Costa Rica at the start of their rainy season,
in the mountains it is normal to rain in the afternoon.
So guess what happened?! 
It rained towards the end of our excursion,
but it was so much fun!!!
It was thundering and lightening all around us,
we were completely safe but it was still so neat!
Definitely recommend it :)

The go pro really captured everything,
but here are some pictures we took along the way.
(don't mind the stupid date stamp that I'm pissed about)

during our drive- one of the five volcanoes

getting ready to fly!

the boys getting their harnesses on

our ride up the rocky mountain


little side note: since most of our excursions were intense and in water,
I wore a lot of Dans clothes and looked like a boy to not destroy my clothes.
It was to protect ourselves from the sun and keep hair out of our faces!
I normally don't dress like that! haha 
Here's some proof:

Next time: White Water Tubing!!!


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