Monday, May 20, 2013

A Weekend of Celebrations!

As I lay here in bed on this rainy Monday,
I look back onto such a rewarding,
happy, loving, fun filled weekend.

***Warning: There are a ton of fun pics in this post***

Since I started school,
I have not missed a single day!
That's almost 4 months worth of classes
and learning.
Most people probably do this all the time- 
welp, if you knew me back in college,
you'd know that I was the queen of skipping.
But that's because I didn't like it...
I digress.
This weekend though,
I'd be missing both Friday and Saturday.

Friday was my baby sisters graduation from college.
It's been a super long haul for her
and the day finally came.
I couldn't have been a more proud sister.
And I am super thankful for my telephoto lens to capture it all:

She's the blond one behind her friend with the pink

Jerry from Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream..
he gave them all free ice cream cups

there she goes!

Only a little excited

She now has a double major:
Elementary Education and Liberal Studies.
After our fabulous lunch,
we all headed back to my parents to relax a bit.
But of course you have to go out and celebrate!
A new country bar opened up close by,
so we figured we'd try it.
The food was amazing,
but unfortunately they put little to no alcohol in their drinks.
Which is whatever-
but when your charging us for it,
put it in there!
We lined danced for a little bit,
then headed out.
It was a nice place,
but very young crowd!!
And it seemed like a big place for competition.
Oh well-
we made our own fun!

I'm in red, Kays in black

Saturday love was in the air!
Our good friends got married!!!
They've been dating for over 8 years,
and yesterday they became each others 
permanent date!
It was a cloudy day,
but nothing could rain on their parade.
They had a beautiful church ceremony,
and an amazing reception!!
We ate, drank, and danced the night away
in celebration.
My legs and abs still are sore from 
all the fun we had!
The handsome groom and his proud mama


I'm still not use to seeing my name like this...
but I love it

After a fun night at the wedding,
as much as I wanted to sleep Sunday away,
the school I go to hosted a Salon-a-thon for the 
Sandy Hook Promise.
It was the most rewarding experience 
and something I can proudly say I participated in.
The whole school was decked out in green and white,
and OPI made a special nail polish color called
'Sandy Hook Green' 
which was made specifically for the event!!
All proceeds from the event went
to the Sandy Hook Promise,
I am honored to call this place
My School!!
all decked out in my green

awesome balloon towers all throughout the school,
and salon!

a panoramic view of the entrance, with
proud owner Dan :)

silent auction

Unfortunately because of the rainy day,
our one year anniversary shoot had to be 
postponed :(.
I can't believe its been a year!!!
How was your weekend??
Leave your URL in a comment
so I can check out all your fun adventures :)
Ta ta for now <3

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  1. Wow! You had a very busy weekend! But such amazing events to be a part of! I'm a little jealous - my weekend was pretty mundane, but relaxing so there's not really much to talk about. However, I was pretty pumped last week as I talked about my first ever tattoo that I got!

    I also had a great post about where I'm from:

    I'm Proud :).

    CONGRATS on school going so well, and keep up the great work!