Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stealing: Where you can find me...

I am totally stealing this from my bestie Karla
who stole it first from a local radio station.

I'm sitting here, 
sweating my tiny titties off
trying to think of a topic to blog about,
when I remember seeing Karla post this a couple weeks back.

I think it's a cool concept
and it gives you readers a little insight to my
day to day activites.

So here ya goes ladies and gents
(for that one gent that might be out there):

Where You Can Find Me On Any Given Day

I am kicking butt at cosmetology school
from 9-5.
Not just any school-
the top in both North America and Europe.
I can do other peoples hair and makeup better
than I can do my own.

We are currently getting ready for the 
Student Soiree-
which is a big fashion show!!
We get a model and do their hair, makeup, and outfit!! 
That is happening this Thursday.
I have the 80s era
and my sister is my model.

Hair and makeup trial.

I am also working on a photographic contest.
I also need a model and need to do the cut, color,
and hairstyle for a shoot.
You need to stand out to win!
I'm going for a futuristic look :)
What I'm hoping for the hair color and makeup!!
Not really the droopy eyes, but the crystals.

Mondays are my resting days.
I sleep as late as my body will let me.
Normally meet up with Sir Dan for his lunch.
Come home and sit on the couch and do nothing.
It's the one day of the week where I can literally do nothing.
We also normally meet at BJs to do our weekly shopping.
Sometimes we don't feel like going tho.
we are literally the only couple that has
fun grocery shopping with each other.
Tuesday it's back to school.
Nothing exciting happens on Tuesdays.
I take clients on Tuesdays.
I come home and we eat dinner and relax.

Kinda the same as Tuesday.
Dan and I both don't work on Wednesdays.
We normally make a nice dinner
and hit up peachwave :)

After school, I head straight to work.
It's a nice long 13 hour day.
Sir Dan works too.

Normally after school,
we'll go to the bar or at least out to eat.
It's hard to party when I have to get up on
Saturday for school and make people beautious.

Saturday is like my Friday!
After school we normally have plans of some sort.
Meet up with people for dinner and drinks.
We definitely go out.
I think once we stayed in cause one of us wasn't feeling well.
Also coming up are many busy weekends:
this saturday is our anniversary,
so is next saturday and we leave for Costa Rica.

Sundays are always up in the air.
We always sleep in and cuddle!!
It's the one morning we can do that!
We always go to the diner or bagelman and get breaky.
Then either we head up to his brothers
or hang out with my family for the day.
Either way,
we always end up at my families house for dinner :)
And wine sunday! 

There ya have it!
A look into my weeks.
And now that I just broke them down,
I realize that I don't do all that much during the week.
Oh well!!!

Happy Hump Day!!



  1. My husband and I absolutely love grocery shopping together! It's much more entertaining than having to go alone. :)

    And I love this idea! So cool to know a little bit more about what the days are like for our blogger friends!

  2. If I lived closer, I would be your model. :)