Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dreams Lately

No I'm not talking about life dreams,
because that is definitely well known around these parts.
I should really change the name of this here blog
Hair N Marriage...

I'm talking about nighttime dreams.
Why we have them,
what they mean, 
why some reoccur,
why some haunt us.

Last week I had 4 very similar dreams-
not recurring, 
but all had a similar story line.
I was pregnant.
And let me just state:
no I am not the P word.
Obviously my subconscious was 
trying to let me know something...
So I looked it up.
Does anybody else look up what their dreams mean?

Most people freak out at the idea of having dreams such as mine,
but I didn't because I knew it didn't have anything to do with being pregnant.
Thank you psychology degree.
What I discovered is that it can mean a range of things,
all of which have something to do with growing into a new idea or goal.
Now if you've been paying attention,
there's a really new big goal roaming around here-
and I love that. 

Another dream I've had twice within a week is
getting a major haircut.
May not come as a surprise because of my current education,
but it came as a surprise to me.
Because of highlighting my hair for years on end,
my long hair is not in a great state.
I've mentioned a couple times making a big change to my hair
after summer time so that I can still put my hair up.
Of course I had to look this one up:
it means that I'm starting fresh in an aspect of my life,
I am shedding off an unwanted aspect of myself.

Put those two dreams together and it looks like
my unconscious is just as happy as I am
 that I'm loving what I'm doing.

Have you ever analyzed your dreams before?
Sometimes dreams aren't always what they seem to be.
Try to remember your dream
and look up what they mean...
the truth is actually quite fun :)


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  1. I analyze my dreams ALL the time! I even looked up what seeing bats in your dreams meant! I love looking for the meaning in them!