Monday, May 6, 2013

Time to get Happier

Lately I've been an overwhelmingly 
ball of happiness because of recent life changes.
But there are also things that get us down.
Maybe it's work, a loss of something/somebody important,
the list can go on and on.
Ever noticed that most of the time,
no matter how great life is-
that one bad thing is all you can think about?
It outweighs the good.

Not anymore!!!
Happier is a FREE, 
let me repeat it that:
FREE app.
It's an upcoming somewhat
social network,
where you document happy moments
throughout your day.
Studies have proven that if you document
at least 3 happy things a day,
your more likely to have better self esteem,
be overall happier, and more positive.
Sir Dan is actually the one who found this app,
but I am now obsessed.
You follow friends like facebook and twitter,
but instead of seeing all those debbie downer status updates,
or awkwardly vague tweets,
it's all happy moments.

These are my collections.
It shows the category in which I labeled my happy updates.

This is my friend feed.
Currently I only have Sir Dan as my friend...
Who's next??
I'm actually debating whether or not
Facebook and Twitter are gonna be stickin around.
I'm sick of seeing constant depressing updates.
It's time to get

Your turn! 
Let me know how you like it.

Ta ta for now <3


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