Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This time last year I was:
Relatively calm, not nervous whatsoever,
excited, but anxious!
Anxiously awaiting the moment I'd walk down that aisle
to meet my handsome groom...
Anxiously awaiting the look on his face once I turned down the aisle
and he saw me for the first time...
Anxiously awaiting the party that happened after the formalities.

Dan and I got married on June 1st, 2012.
we actually signed our marriage certificate the week before,
on May 25th.
Why you ask?!
Here's the story:

Ever since I was old enough to start dreaming up my wedding day,
the date I always wanted to get married was May 25th,
I don't know why exactly,
but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the beautiful May weather,
and the almost summer drift.
And lucky for Dan and I,
May 25th, 2012 was on a Friday!!!
A formal Friday night wedding is exactly what we wanted from the beginning.
Obviously you can sense how excited I was during the planning.
When we found our venue in New York, 
the room we requested was available for May 25th,
which last year was the Friday leading into Memorial Day Weekend.
They informed us that they planted during the weekend,
which left Sir Dan and I wondering if we should wait.
Wait- to be able to have fresh flowers planted throughout the grounds.
Wait- one more week and the renovations throughout the whole venue to be done.
Wait- and not have my 'day'
In the end and after much discussion- 
we waited one more week to have it all.
But we didn't want to have our marriage license in a state we didn't live.
It just didn't seem appropriate.
We've grown up in CT our whole lives,
this is where our love for each other has grown.
We wanted to be married in CT.
Sir Dan and I talked about how we could make this work:
we thought about having a church ceremony in CT
and then driving to New York for the reception.
But they were over an hour apart,
which meant most of our guests wouldn't come to one or the other.
That idea was out.
Then it hit us:
why not just have a JP 'marry' us a week before,
on my date,
and then we wouldn't have to worry about it the day of.
Most brides forget their marriage license in the midst of the 
wedding day craziness,
this way, we could just be in the moment.
On May 25th 2012,
we signed the certificate of marriage.
It was a beautiful day,
made even more beautiful by our love for each other.
That night we went to our local favorite bar
and celebrated.

This Saturday is our official, unofficial anniversary.
And since we will be crazy busy on our unofficial official anniversary,
we are celebrating this Saturday.

What are we doing exactly?
As if Costa Rica for our anniversary isn't good enough,
we are recreating our very first date.
I have school during the day,
but then we are getting all dolled up
and heading to Olive Garden.
Yes this sounds weird,
yes it's not the Ritz Carlton,
but it's where I knew this man was my soul mate.
After dinner,
we are going to Stop&Shop and getting stuff to make
Apple Pie.
This all happened on our first date-
Sir Dan was working over nights and it was 
a couple days before Christmas,
he was making an apple pie to bring to work.
I helped :)
He's an amazing cook.
And back then-
it gave him major man points.

June 1st we leave for the airport and head to Costa Rica!
It's like our anniversary just keeps getting better and better.
And we get to celebrate with my family :)

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What did you do for your first anniversary?
Leave a comment and tell me all about it.



  1. Ahhhh this gave me chills all over. I just love this. What an awesome idea to celebrate!!! =D =D

  2. Happy almost anniversary! Like you, I had always told myself I wanted to get married on a certain date - June 4th - and I was willing to wait until a year it was on a weekend (and it fell on a Saturday in 2011). It would honor my parents as well HOWEVER my dad had a different idea and scheduled the yearly friends/family float trip for that weekend and well let's just say a wedding wasn't going to fly then. So we ended up picking a random day in July...the month of the cicada outbreak in Missouri...but luckily they ended a few weeks before the wedding and it was perfect!

  3. Happy almost anniversary! :) Enjoy every minute!

  4. Awww, so so sweet :) We're doing a Chicago trip, woot woot!

  5. Aww how sweet!! Happy early anniversary to you and Dan!!!