Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shenanies up in Hur!

The weeks just keep getting busier and busier.
More fun and more interesting.
There hasn't been a day that I haven't been
doing something or asked about
doing somebody's hair.
And I love it. 
I'm really starting to improve every day
in my cutting and coloring,
and learning that some people are harder to please
than others, and thats ok.

So here are some fabu pics from my week:
ps- in 3 weeks,
we'll be in COSTA RICA!!!!

Sushi palace date

between 3 people, this was all consumed

helping a friend out with pin curls

elvis style

after a long day with a crabby client,
a much needed beer

more pin curls up in here

I did my mother in laws hair: highlights, color, and cut
came out ssooo fabulous!

my Talley tryin out some blond hair

french fishtail braid

celebrated my friend graduating!!

sittin outside for bevies in the 80 degree weather

my forever bar mate: I can't believe it's been a year

hello beautiful

Did my beautiful coworkers highlights and cut...
absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Found this online: Marilyn Monroe-
this is now considered plus size when it was
considered beautiful in her time

sometimes my nerddom comes out

wine sundays

The salon I go to school at will be hosting a salon-a-thon
event... all proceeds go to the Sandy Hook Fund.
I'm honored to participate!


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