Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Must Sound Like a Broken Record

At this point,
you all must be super annoyed
at seeing my super happy posts about
school and how well it is going.
I just can't.help.it.
It's like a crazy obsession I have-
which I guess is a GREAT thing
because I'll never get sick of it.

last week I was crazy busy all week
with clients and not on clients.
It's prom/wedding season- 
which in turn means tons of updos
and makeup applications.
But I'm pretty good at updos
so it's more fun than nerve racking.
Here's some fun pics from
my hairdressing adventures:

My beautiful Brianne came in for a root touchup
and a cut, not a trim! We took off about 2 in of dead ends
and added some awesome layers :)

We had a barber demo- the academy was raided by cute boys

awesome design that legit took 2 min

Jules was a model for our updo demo and needed her gorg
hair curled... my fabulous curl job

what it looked like when it was down

and the finished look

I was practicing my updos on Jess.

and then I got practiced on

another updo on Jess

updo twinsies

A friend of mines daughter was going to Junior Prom
and they asked if I could do her updo and makeup.

the completed look :)

another prom updo

at the end of the week, we just play around.
I did some gorgeous curls on Rachini.

We met the singer of a local band called The Zoo while
grabbing a drink

Sir Dan and I deep frying away
(in case you didn't know, we got a deep fryer
with credit we had from the wedding. Best purchase ever!
We are masters at fries, pickles, and wings... up next:


1 comment:

  1. Fried oreos? I've never heard of such a thing!

    And those updos are gorgeous! If you lived near me, I would have you do my wedding hair next year. :)