Monday, April 22, 2013

Nicole's Weekly Update

Happy Monday to all.
Yup I said happy monday...
again, Mondays for me aren't the same as you all
because it's part of my weekend-
like my version of Sunday.

since I haven't been posting much
throughout the week,
I figured instead of a weekend update,
I'd do a weekly update for you all.

Last week was another packed, fun, and exciting adventure.
Monday my sister and I went shopping- we are both 
attending a wedding in May so we both bought our dresses for that.
I also scored those super bright pink pants :) 
Tuesday was super exciting in hairdressing world.
My friends and I attended the international beauty show in NYC.
They had EVERYTHING related to fashion, makeup, hair...
you name it, it was there.
I got this awesome sheer bracelet, extensions, and Essie nail polish.
The rest is just fun at school... 
I do have red violet highlights in my hair that are so much fun!
And I've gotten a ton of compliments on them too!
Friday night- Sir Dan and I headed up to northern CT for our friends
30th birthday celebration.
It was so much fun seeing everybody and hanging out...
we don't get to see them often so it's a lot of fun when we do.
Saturday I got to do my friend/coworkers hair. 
She wanted to be blond! like playboy bunny blond.
And boy oh boy did I get her close.
She's in love with them and so am I.
They came out gorgeous :)

And that's really all I got this week!
I'm doing my friends hair tomorrow,
so follow me on instagram to keep updated on the fun.


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