Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm Here, I'm Here!!

Hello there my blog buds!!!
I'm alive and couldn't be better.
I've been a busy little hair dressing bee
lately and have completely neglected you all.
For that I am sorry I'm not sorry.

It's truly been the best time of my life.
Other than my wedding of course.
Every day I come home happy and excited
for what I've accomplished.
Each day is a new adventure,
it's hard and challenging,
but I'm more than willing to accept the challenge.

I've slacked a bunch on this here blog 
because of all this.
My main priorities have been school,
work, my husband, family and friends.
as much as I miss you all,
I'm not mad about it.
I've read some of your bloggy blogs,
but I have definitely not been religious about it.
I hope you all understand,
I still love you all,
but right now my time is more than consumed.
I hope you'll still stick with me
and be super excited when I do pop in to say a quick
hello and share some amazeballs pictures!

Consumed with...??
Don't worry I wouldn't leave you all without
many pictures from the past couple weeks!!!
Who do you think I've turned into?
I'm still a picture freak :)

Most are pictures from school or fun adventures.
All the hair pics are challenges I've accomplished.
I bought those beautiful black wedge sneaks
and am obsessed with those MK ones.
I have the best friends and family a girl could ask for.
I also became Keratin Straightening Certified which is the 
pic of the 3rd row down 4th pic in (double pic). That's the after...
here's the process:

Sir Dan and I did make a vlog for 
the newlywed game 2 weeks ago
but weren't thrilled with our answers.
However Sir Dan did crack me up so I'll
share this little snippet for all you to see.

Well that's all I got for ya.
Today, we are heading to NYC for
the International Beauty Show
which is freakin awesome!!!
I am so excited.
Have a fabulous day :)



    So happy to read this post!
    Have fun in NYC!
    I love you!

  2. Well hey stranger :) So happy YOU'RE happy! Have fun on your trip! xo

  3. Good luck with all your busy-ness!

  4. I would love to have the keratin process done to my hair. I love how it looks when it's finished!

    I'm so glad you love what you're doing! I love seeing all your pictures on Instagram!!