Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh the Weather Outside is Weather

Oh the weather outside is weather...
name that movie!!
Another hint:
when life gives you lemons, just say fuck the lemons and bail.

Got it yet??
It's one of our favorite movies EVER.
Ya know,
that movie that you can watch over and over, 
say every line to,
and not get sick of it.

The title of this epic movie is none other than...
Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Now if you have never seen that movie,
and are stuck indoors because of this weather,
watch it.
I'm not kidding-
I still pee a little laughing from it.

now that you have placed this movie in your tele,
what could we possibly doing indoors all day today??
I shall tell you:
eat, drink, sleep, and do arts and crafts.

So far I've had:
Bacon and eggs,
Reese Peanut Butter Cups,
2 mini chocolate chip pancakes,
an apple,
and I think that's it as of almost 4pm.
I did take a 2 hour nap, 
so that interfered with my eating.

As of right now-
we have lost power about 3 times,
immediately getting it back right after.
Since we are staying at my parents it is:
Dan and I, Kayla and Steve (sister and her bf), mom and dad, and the pups.
Every time the lights go out there are screams of NNNOOOO,
a moment of praying the lights come back on,
and then when they do,
We don't do well without power,
especially after last year with the two big storms.

Ok back to arts and crafts.
Dan and I had started this crayon art a whle ago
but didn't have a heat gun to make it work well.

The wonderful momma de Nicole has a craft heat gun
so we had the bright idea of bringing this with us to brave the hurricane with.
Boy did we have fun melting crayons. 
We decided to do this heart shape and when it's all set put a picture from our wedding in the center.
Now for those of you wanting to melt crayons, 
there are different ways to melt them.
We hot glued the crayons to a thick foam poster board.
FYI- if you are just going to melt them straight across, glue the entire body of each crayon if you are using a hair dryer.
They tend to fly away when using a hair dryer.
We had that problem and the crayons weren't really melting like we wanted,
so we decided to wait until we got a hold of the heat gun.

The little spurt we got when using a hair dryer
By doing a heart shape,
when we were melting the crayons,
Dan had to be constantly turning the board so they'd melt down.
But the end result was well worth all the turning and holding:

Oops, we had a crayon casualty

The final product pre- picture!!! 
And now that the lights have once again gone out and come back,
it is time to brave the rest of the storm.

Be safe.
Eat lots.
Do crafts.
Drink heavily so you black out with the lights ;)

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