Wednesday, October 17, 2012

newlyWed Wednesday

Happppyy Hump Day,
or as we shall now call it from here on out: newlyWed Wednesday.
This idea has come from a friend of mine who also is a recent newlywed and 
has started a blog as well.
I really enjoyed her idea for 'Wedding Wednesday' so I decided to also touch on the subject.
newlyWed Wednesday will consist of quick little snipets of our wedding.
My friends topic was about how quickly that one day went by,
and I think that is a heck of a way to start...

Everybody kept telling me that in the blink of an eye my special day would be over 
and to enjoy every last minute of it.
I kept denying it, I would remember everything I could and it would be like a frozen moment in time.
Boy was I mistaken.

The morning of the wedding I was woken up in the hotel room my bridesmaids and I stayed in by a couple of my bridesmaids jumping around screaming 'You're getting married today!'... at 7am!
We had a Friday night wedding and our hair/makeup appointments weren't until noon!
As the rest of the girls started waking, some of us went to the pool and I can remember not being a bit nervous or anxious, I just couldn't wait to see my groom.
That morning was the longest, slowest morning EVER... 
As soon as hair and make up started, I blinked and was on our way to our honeymoon the next morning.

I can remember everything and it definitely was the happiest day of my life.
Every day on my commute to work I would think of how that day would play out, 
and everything was all we had planned and more.
The biggest dream I had was how Dan was going to react when I walked down the aisle for the first time and he saw me in my dress.
I still get told I was the happiest, glowing bride they have ever seen- and I will never let that change.

From my father walking me down the aisle, our M&M ceremony (like a sand ceremony but with M&Ms), our first dance, epic cake smashing, parent dances...
to dancing the night away with friends and family,
I wish I had never blinked.

Our advice to those who are planning their big day:
Step back and look at your wedding/reception, you'll be happy you did...
and try not to blink ;)

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