Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Least Favorite Holiday

I'm just gonna come out and say it:
I am the Anti-Valentine.
There ya have it!

Ever since I started dating,
I've hated this holiday.
It seems all fun and mushy gooshy
when your young and in love. 
As you get older and into more serious relationships,
to me it seems pathetic.

Here is why:

This is an easy way for guys to get out of
doing things for their significant others.
Everything is planned for them:
the cards, candy, stuffed animals...
even restaurants have set menus and prices that
include roses and champagne.
They literally have to put zero effort into it.

This holiday is pure competition between people,
mainly women.
Who got the best whatever, where you went,
how big it is/was...
Now that sounds like a grand ol' day to me,
said no one ever.

Sir Dan and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day.
I don't need chocolates- and I'm sure most women don't
considering it's a month after the new year.
I don't need a stuffed bear.
And flowers are beautiful- but we are never
home to enjoy them.
We go out to eat whenever we feel like it-
when the prices aren't jacked up.

We also celebrate our love for each other 
each and every day.
I don't need 1 day out of 365 to show my love
for my husband...
and I know he loves me every second of every day.

Just something to think about.


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