Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Ok that I am Overloading you with Christmas Pics

Am I the only one who feels like
Christmas came up really quickly,
and flew by?
It really felt like it came up suddenly,
and then it never happened!
Dan and I thought we had another 2-3 weeks 
until Christmas...
hence why we started and finished shopping on Saturday.
We actually still have some more to do
for people we have not seen yet.
But sshh!
They don't know that ;)

I am about to SUPER overload you with pictures.
I'm more about the giving and showing,
than showing what I myself received.
It's much more fun! 
I'd love it if you could stick with me and my glass o' Riesling,
there's definitely a lot of joy to share.

one: Dan and I made Santa hats out of brownies, vanilla frosting, and strawberries. Best combination of flavor EVER.
two: my cousin izzy with her favorite joey. 
three: izzy wanted me to take a picture of her smiling and petting the kitty.
four: cousin leeshy with her bud steve
five: waiting for stocking stuffer fun to begin.
if you have no idea what fun we have with stocking stuffers, check it all out in my vlog!
six: let the stocking stuffer fun begin
seven: I got this awesome penguin, snowman, santa hat!!
eight: Dan got an official thumb war arena... needless to say, I'm the champ
nine: now since you all saw my vlog, this would be what I was referring to!

One and Two: my best and favorite life long Christmas gift.
three: the four of us on Christmas eve
four: all of grams grandkids!
five: my cousin joe searching for the pickle which was actually on the outter part of the tree.
six: my sissy and I
seven: me and daddy... such a great picture of the two of us.
eight: my bling for Christmas Eve. Thank you GroopDealz
nine: my tiny and me.

one: as soon as we got to my parents after Christmas Eve celebrations, it was snowing. About a half hour later, there was already a dusting!
two: Dan with his my girl has great tatas shirt and me in my footie jammies!
three: waking up to our little chiweenie was the best! She was waiting for Santa too.
four: lulu looking very prestigious and laying smack dab on top of me.
five: lulu also got a pair of footie jammies for Christmas morning!
six and seven: Dad opening his gift from me.
eight: dads gift... it reads: Dad, Of all the walks we've taken... ...this ones my favorite and the wedding date. The picture is one of my favorites of us walking down the aisle. He cried when he opened it!
nine: Dan on puppy duty.

one: my sissy opening her Origami Owl locket I got her. The plate says always and one charm says sisters and the other is an angel wing.
two: mom opening her gift. another wedding picture of the two of us at the reception.
three: Dan and I are now famous for our chocolate croissants. So simple and ssoo delicious
four: my sister and I ready for Christmas festivities
five: Dan and I
six: sissy and her boyfriend stevie
seven: and we are off to the family festivities
eight: my grandma got my cousins mini recliners
nine: I love my wine and my makeup which was done by my sister!

one: kay and steve getting ready for more present opening
two: my cousins 
three: me with my cousins
four: now add my sister
five: tiny and I
six: steve and I... the drinkers
seven: grams got Dan a talking Achmed! We love Achmed the dead terrorist.
eight: she also got him these awesome tighty whities!! 
nine: Dan showing off his juggling skills!

Dan and I made this for my grams.
It is slightly ginormous buuttt awesome.
hanging from the bottom is little clipboard picture frames of all of grams grankids.
got this wonderful idea from pinterest.
the one on pinterest was also of a normal size that somebody could actually put on their wall for decoration.

And because it is Thursday,
I couldn't pass up my favorite linkup EVER with Amber and Neely!
I promise it'll be short.

It's ok...

...That I just bombarded everybody with pictures

...that most won't look at said pictures and/or their captions want to make another vlog wish that Christmas didn't go by so quickly

...that our plans for New Years aren't existent

...that I can't wait for February

...that I only have 2 more days until I'm off for a whole week!!!!

...that I'm addicted to Alex and Ani bracelets. I got my first one from my sister for Christmas and now I have like 20 on my wishlist

...for Karla and I to hope that we have a ton of people linking up with us for Instagramazing Monday!!
And that is all for now.
If you made it this far,
thanks for stickin with me.
If you didn't, 
then you have no idea what I'm saying so I could be saying nothing or 
something really important that you should know about :)

Ta ta for now <3


  1. I'm with you on the non-existent New Year's plans! I want to do something, but I'm like pj's sound really good too!


  2. I never have plans on New Years Eve and it's my birthday!! I'd rather stay in rather than get into the mess of the crowds.

  3. Thanks for sharing the pics, I love that gift idea you gave your dad, I might have to do that!