Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why I Love Blogging- Inspired by my Mother

It's funny how happy I get from my blog. 
The fact that I got four new followers today literally made my day. 
It happened right before lunch which was great because then I got to tell my mom (who I have lunch with every day along with the chiweenie) and she noticed right away my good mood. 

It's so hard to explain to 'non bloggers' what the blog world is like. 
I tried my hardest to explain why I am overly excited about 4 new followers, 
but (no offense mama) her being a little technologically not there and not knowing what a blog really is... 
she didn't quite get it. 
But this also got me to thinking because she did ask a very big question: 
Why do I like blogging? Why would I want more followers? 

And here it is folks 
Why I love blogging: 

 + I love being able to write and express myself, marriage, adventures, and food challenges to a group of individuals with similar interests 

 + Meeting new people- who doesn't love meeting people just like you and being able to talk and share similar stories! I love meeting new people, both through my blog and in real life (like this isn't real life, yea ok nicole). I have a naturally outgoing personality, so I love to be in large groups with tons of people! 

 + Alexa from Southern Living, Our Way gave me some great advice today: numbers are just numbers! what matters is that you blog because you enjoy writing to people and meeting new friends... thanks Alexa!! That is definitely a key reason for blogging! 

 + It can easily put me in a good mood-  from a simple comment from a follower, or because I have a great idea for a post, or just because it is MINE! 

+ I want more followers because I have great ideas, recipes, stories, and funny random crap that I want to share with people. I want people to know they are not alone, or that we have the same style, interests, etc. 

 So those are some reasons I love to blog, what are reasons you love blogging?? I'd love to hear from you... let me know in the comment section below :) 

 Ta Ta for now <3


  1. My mom doesn't even read my blog lol so she has no idea! I agree with you though, even trying to explain why it's important or fun for me to hubby is hard!

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  3. I absolutely LOVE this! It reminds me of why I love to blog, and that it's sooooo NOT about the numbers, people! I'm your newest follower as of like 2 minutes ago, and I love that you're down to earth and blog for Y-O-U. Great post! :)

    *And now my comment box/thing is being all I hope this only shows up one time!*