Wednesday, November 21, 2012

newlyWed Wednesday- Meet my Maids

Ok, so this week has kind of flown by. 
I mean it is Thanksgiving tomorrow. 
That I can't wrap my mind around. 
It feels like it should still be the summer. 
It's already 6 months since Dan and I said I do. 
I guess time flies when you're having fun :). 
I wouldn't change it for anything!! 
Speaking of weddings, I am linking up with Mary at A Happy Wife in New Orleans.    

This week I decided to do something different. 
I always talk about Dan and I in accordance with our wedding. 
But our amazing wedding wouldn't have been possible without my maids and his men. 
Today I am just sticking to introducing my beautiful bridesmaids who have ever so kindly let me talk about them. 
When Sir Dan and I first got engaged and started wedding planning- we wanted a smaaallll wedding party, big wedding. 
We started with the thought of having 4 people on each side... 
that RAPIDLY grew to 5...6...and finally stopped at 7 maids and men. 
(disclosure- a bridesmaid did not want me to disclose information on here, there is 7... promise!)
Everybody that was involved with our wedding was extremely close to us and meant a great deal to our relationship. 
When Dan proposed- most of my girls cried in happiness and have been there for me since the moment I started talking to Dan. 
I couldn't have chose a better bridal party and am ssoo happy for you all to meet them. 

So without further a do... 

My Beautiful Bridesmaids:

I'm going to start out with my wonderful sister and Maid of Honor, Kayla.

My sister is my best friend. 
We are only a year and a half apart.
Our entire lives we have been inseparable.
She was everything a sister and MOH could be.
From the moment I got engaged 
(which she witnessed while balling her eyes out)
to the moment I said 'I DO,'
she was there 1100000% of the time.
She threw me the best bachelorette party and bridal shower a bride could ask for.
She knows me better than I probably know myself.
Without my sissy,
I'm nothing.
Love you Kay!

Up next is one of my best friends Meg:

Meg and I met dancing for the WCSU dance team.
She is as outgoing as I am but much more awesome.
She graduated with me with an English major
and is currently working for an insurance company.
Meg is one of the most kind, funny people I know.
She always lets me rant and rave and has been with me through thick and thin.
She has been with Dan and I since I met Dan-
I'd go over to her dorm and tell her everything! 
I let her steal my man for a dance
She's someone who I know will never leave my side.
Love ya Meg!

Come on down HEATHER!!!

Heather and I also met while dancing on the dance team.
However, we met at try outs.
We freaked out together
and celebrated when we both made it.
From there our friendship only blossomed.
She's currently going to nursing school and working as a pharmacy tech at CVS.
Heath literally makes me laugh when I am at my lowest.
She's honest, innocent, and always there for whomever needs a hand or a shoulder.
Heather has been a part of me and Dans life since day 1-
I would tell her every detail of our relationship.
We've laughed together, cried together, and danced together.

Here comes Tiny Ta-ta!!!

Ellen is my younger cousin.
An amazing cheerleader.
A senior in High School.
A beautiful young woman in the making.
We really got close when she became older and started growing up.
I always loved watching her do gymnastics,
and now I love watching her fly and flip as a cheerleader.
She's not only talented, but super smart!
She is the future of America.
She also likes to throw wrapping paper at people during holidays and birthdays.
I can talk to Elle,
she's been with Dan and I from the beginning.
We all have too much fun together some times! 
She is my tiny ta-ta.

Unto 'my person' who moves across the country on me, KAREN!

Karen and I became really good friends on the night we refer to as
'The night of bad decisions.'
We both got extremely drunk and have been super close ever since.
I was the MOH at her wedding,
she has always been there for me.
We lived together for a year in college
and watched each other grow up.
If you've ever seen Greys Anatomy-
Cristina calls Meredith 'her person.'
Karen will forever be that to me.
She can move all throughout the country,
but I will always have her.
She is now working for the state of AZ,
helping families of troubled kids (am I right Kare?),
and her husband is a marine veteran going to school in AZ.
Karen has been there from the getco with Dan and I,
and I use to call her on a daily basis to rant/rave and help with wedding planning.
Thank you for being my person.
Love ya Kare!

Last but never the least, my darling Baby B:

Bianca and I met when we both started serving at an old crappy bar.
She was sweet and innocent,
I not so much!
We instantly clicked from day one.
She is super cute, beautiful, and makes me laugh with her innocence.
She helped me devise co-op missions to bring Dan coffee and surprises at work,
which never worked out.
Bianca is currently in her last year for exercise science wellness management,
volunteers like crazy madness,
and is one of the sweetest, most loving women I know.
She will help in whatever you need,
and do it with a smile on her face.
Love ya baby B!!

I don't know what I would've done without my girls.
They have all been with me since day one with Sir Dan,
and I couldn't have walked down the aisle without them by my side.
Thank you all so much for being part of our big day.
I love you all <3

Ta ta for now.

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