Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Taco Bake Tuesday

Happy Friday to me...
well kind of!
Since I am working an extra Saturday this week,
I get a flex day during the week
and I also had an extra PTO-
so put together means I get a heck of a hump day.
It's ok to be jealous.
I'm jealous of myself.
Although I would love to say that during these two days
I'll be sitting on my buttocks,
watching Brad Pitt movies,
eating non stop,
and not getting out of my jammies-
it is quite the opposite.
Because of this whole 'I guess I should change my name since it's been 6 months since we've been married' thing,
I need to kind of finalize all that crapola.
I did receive a great piece of mail today-
my new social security card with my married name on it!
I'll explain the game in a minute :)
So because I got this wonderful card in the mail,
it means I can go get my new license.
Whiiicchh meaanns I'm going to have to get up,
get all dolled up,
and head to AAA for a new license. 
Maybe this time I'll take a sexy mug shot. 
Highly unlikely yes,
but worth a shot,
Ok so that game ^up there...
Lt Dan and I have been waiting for this game to come out since last year.
If you don't know about my nerdy side, read up here!
And this is also what I will be doing on my days off-
but I have a lot more important stuff to do,
likkee pose in the mirror and practice my facial expressions
for previously mentioned ID.

I digress.
Look a squirrel!!!
Definitely a favorite movie

If you haven't had the opportunity to follow me on instagram
and have no idea what this weeks menu contains-
today's dinner was a TACO BAKE recipe.
Oh my foodgasm mixed with tastebud rejuvenation.
Yes I went there.
Yes we draw fun little pictures to celebrate whatever day of the week it is or what we are eating.
I digress.
Oh yes I am going to digress a little bit more for a second:
Now I know I am a newb to this whole blog schpeel,
don't be afraid to hit this button:

I know it's a little scary,
but I'd love to get to know you all better 
and have you join me on this crazy, fun, and wild ride.
I have tons of recipes in store,
lots of fun stories,
link ups,
and pictures.
What could be better?!

Ok tangent over
because you're all going to follow me... righttt??
Now I will inform you on how to make this delicious recipe,
that only contains 5 ingredients.
That's right...
just 5.
That's all the ways I know how to say 5.
Lo siento.
I'm sorry.

Taco Bake

What you'll need:
1. ground beef/turkey- we always choose turkey, more lean
2. Taco seasoning
3. A block of cream cheese
4. Ziti
5. Mexican shredded queso
Preheat oven to 350 Degrees F

Process to your own foodgasm:
It's actually quite simple, just a lot of separate cookings happening at one time.

Cook macoroni until just slightly soft all the way through.
Now would be a great time to make sure you have a strainer that is large enough for a box of pasta. 
This is what I had to use, and it was not havin it!
Pasta= 1, Nicole=0

While pasta is cooking,
brown meat in a pan.
Oh yay! Lt Dan got home early to help!

Strain pasta when it's all done in a normal size strainer,
not a kiddie one.
When meat is fully cooked,
at one packet of taco seasoning and 1 Cup of water.
Mix together for about 5 minutes.

Also, try this combo:
It's pasta and cream cheese.
Looks disgusting.
Sounds worse.
But it was ssooo gooodd!
I could've had just that for dinner.

I digress.
After the agua has reduced,
add 1/2 the package of cream cheese to the meat mixture,
and mix well.
I've decided to caption this picture to: What your lungs would look like if...

Place macoroni in a baking pan and add cheese.
I'm not going to give you a set amount because we like a lot of cheese.
Mix together.
I used my hands,
it was just easier.
And they were clean.
This is also where we figured out that our pan was too small.
FAIL sauce.
Small pan= 1, Nicole= 0... again!

Welcome appropriate sized pan

Once cheese is mixed in with the pasta
and cream cheese is mixed in to the meat,
combine meat and pasta together.
I did NOT use my hands for this.
Dan did.
I kid!

Sprinkle the top with a good amount of cheese.

Here is a little video of the sound the cheese made as it hit the hollow macoroni.
Listen carefully,
it caught us off guard.
But it's kinda neat.

And bake for about 33 minutes and 47 seconds.
Or if you can't get it that precise,
30-35 minutes works.

Serve piping lava hot,
like a hot pocket.
But not really.

And there you have it,
easy Taco Bake.
Don't wait until Taco Tuesday to try it,
if anything have it again on Taco Tuesday.

I hope you all have a fabulous Hump day,
because I didn't realize how late it currently is (11:30pm EST),
and nobody will be reading this.
Stay tuned for Wednesday Wednesday goodness
and link ups.
And updates on this stupid process de name change.

And it wouldn't be a post without a little puppy love <3
"Mmmm paint+wood= teething-gasm
totally fine ma, it's all good"
Puppy love- mid kiss... best thing on a crappy day
But I digress...

Hasta la vista
Ta ta for now.                    

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  1. ummm this looks delicious and I will have to try it!! I'llg ive you my homemade taco seasoning recipe so it can be "good for you" too!