Monday, November 19, 2012

Real Talk Tuesday numero 3

You made it past Monday. 
I know it was rough and yucky,
but you did it!
And I'm proud of you.
I made it too.
It wasn't so bad because I had a short day at work.
And celebrated a coworkers daughters sweet 16.
And just think-
in just a short 2 days,
you will be stuffing your face with amazing and delicious foods of all varieties.
And unbuttoning your pants from said food.
Don't forget the wine-
it compliments the food very nicely.

Since it's Tuesday,
I am linking up with Nikki over at From Miss to Mrs 

This real talks subject is something that is very important to me
and it seems that it needs to be discussed.
Tipping Etiquette
individuals have been rather light in this area.
Barely leaving close to 15%,
being rude,
making your server run around like crazy,
not cool.
it is their job to run around for you,
I was reading a post about how some servers have become rather rude...
yes that is also unacceptable.
Did you ever think that maybe it is because of the lack of a tip as the reason?
I'm going to give a brief example of what I'm talking about:
I was serving one night a family who I know is very financially stable (he's a brain surgeon and the chief of neuro).
They literally had me sprinting around for everything.
One wanted a beer, went and got it, brought it back, and the next one needed one too...
they NEVER ordered at the same time.
After bending over backwards and being slightly winded from this table-
they left me $12 on a over $100 tab.
It is worse when it's somebody you know or who knows you that does it.
So here's Nicole's words of tipping advice:
If you received great service- definitely 20% if not more
If you received pretty good service- still 20%
Good- 18-20%
Anything downhill could be situational but NEVER leave below 15%!!!
That is just cruel.
Also keep in mind that if the food or something is messed up:
it is NOT the servers fault most of the time,
it is the kitchen...
so DON'T take it out on them.
Most of the servers are trying to provide for a family, tuition, kids, or it IS their full time job.
Dan and I 100% of the time tip at least 20% if not more; no matter how the service was.
Until you know what it feels like to be a server,
don't think you know what it's all about.
Times are tough,
But if they are so tough that you can't tip properly-
As simple as that ladies and gents.

Ta ta for now.

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  1. Love this!!! I wrote a post a few weeks ago about being nice to servers but I didn't mention tipping. People can be so horrible sometimes, I worked as a server and bartender long enough to know. Hubby and I tip fantastically as well!