Monday, November 12, 2012

A Washer and Dryer Weekend

This weekend was both fun and realxing.
And no, I haven't figured out how to make the weekends continue and prolong the inevitable Monday.
First I would like to say how sad I am that my Giants lost today...
I love football Sundays,
so relaxing and full of my two favorite F words: Food and Football.

I would like to share with my followers that Dan and I have bought our FIRST, our OWN,
washer and dryer!!!
It is super sad how excited I am to do our laundry in our house,
not have to lug our dirty clothes in to public anymore.
I mean there is ssoomme awkwardness to having other people see our dirty clothes,
especially my bras and panties. 
Anndd there's always that creepy guy in the laundromat that won't stop staring.
The countdown to our new washer and dryer is 4 days!
They are going to be delivered on Thursday cause I have the day. 
Only downside: 
Lt. Dan and I do have to do all our laundry one more time at the laundromat.
We always have a fun time together at the laundromat-
we bring cards and games to play while our clothes go through the spin cycle.
But I will be more happy putting a load in the washer and going to work,
coming home and switching the load,
and not have to worry about some creeper taking my lacie panties.

So onto our weekend:
Our weekend started on Thirsty Thursday...
after my 2 glasses of Riesling.
My brother in law turned 21 on Election Day and because of our schedules,
it was hard for us to go out and celebrate.
He invited us out Thursday to celebrate and hang out-
so Daniel picked me up in my drunken state and off to the bar we went!

Needless to say,
it was a great night.

Friday after the longest, most crappy work day,
Dan and I went on a double date with one of my bestest,
most close friends and bridesmaids Meg and her boyfriend Dave.
We went to The Colony in Fairfield and it was delicious.
Just to show you how much fun we have together:
during dinner, meg showed me the proper way to pull hair for pleasure,
which I then instructed Dan to do.
Yes I will let you in on this secret cause most of you are newlyweds:
go in from the side behind the ears,
grab right above the nape of your neck,
and pull DOWN!
Don't pull out cause it hurts,
pull DOWN!

Saturday morning I had to work and Senor Daniel had training,
loads of early morning fun... NOT at ALL!
However: this made my day in hell a little better
I also want to fill you all in on a little food secret and it sounds disgusting.
When eating macaroni and cheese,
scoop it up with Doritos Cool Ranch chips.
Thank me later when you actually try it. 
Promise you'll love it!
It's somewhat unhealthy,
but I used the Weight Watchers Mac and Cheese,
so it's all better.

After I napped and waited for Dan to come home,
we showered and got ready for errands.
We visited my mother in law and had THE BEST milkshake ever!
And it was healthy...
and made us want The Magic Bullet.
(no, not that kind of magic bullet)
It was chocolate banana and again made from Weight Watchers powder.
Oh my heaven.
Purchase this now.
And the mac and sneeze so you can try both in one day.

Our errands continued on at the mall to trade in and pre-order 
Here is where my nerd comes out.
I love video games.
I should've made that a fun fact.
I have my own online name,
and can keep most mens butts!
It comes out Tuesday,
and I miraculously have Wednesday and Thursday off :)
(and no that actually was not planned).
I might be a little too excited for this
but it's just such an exciting time in video game land.

nerd time over.
My fabulous weekend also consisted of my little chiweenie Susie.

Not only did I have a great weekend outside the blog world,
but I also had a great weekend here as well!!
Even though I haven't been able to grab any more followers and have been stuck at 8 for about a month now,
Karla from Forever Newlywedded nominated me for the Liebster Award,

That is really all I have for now.
Hope your weekends were fun and eventful as well :)
Let me know what you did in the comment section.

Ta ta for now <3


  1. Ya! Congrats on your new washer & dryer. That is something I'd be excited to have too! I actually love doing the laundry!

    1. Thank you! We love doing laundry too, just hate schlepping it around and having those creepy men look at my panties. YUCK! Feel free to 'follow' along, it's a wild, crazy, fun right here :)