Sunday, November 18, 2012

Busy Life Crazy Wife

Hello blog world!!!
Long time no see.
Yes I know I have been MIA for about 3 days and I have everything that I wanted to blog about all set and ready for you.

There is a link up that I did for Friday,
and I really like it ssoo I'm gonna do it now.
And then do a wonderful little weekend sharing with all of you.
So here is goes-
time travel back to Thursday...

Thursday was a super fun day because we got our new WASHER AND DRYER and I got my new mug shot and registration/license plates:

And our spatula was in the dishwasher,
so this is what I had to use:

Friday's Letter with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds

Dear Legs:
Thank you for letting me know we are participating in No Shave November. Poor Dan but saves me a lot of time in the shower.

Dear Hair:
One day you will love me and not be thin and dead.

Dear Body:
I'm sorry, I love food.

Dear Husband:
Thank you for you.

Dear Karla and Scott:
Thank you ssoo much for having us last night!! We had such a fun time! I didn't know I could possibly laugh that hard over Mario.

Dear Uggs:
I'm sorry I stepped in dog poop and ruined you. You will be truly missed.

Dear Lottery:
I would love to win you one day very soon.

Dear Bank Account:
I'm sorry.

Dear Money:
I wish that you didn't exist- I hate you and what you do to our ^ bank account.

Dear Monday:
You are worse than money.

Dear Eyelashes:
Why aren't you curling or working with me anymore?!?!

Dear Thanksgiving:
Thanks for being the one day that it is ok to over eat and have to wear yoga pants/leggings to family gatherings and including lots of fun, family, and MASHED POTATOES!

Dear Readers:
Thanks for checking out my blog... Stick around I try to be funny- normally it doesn't work but hey, worth a shot.

There ya go... that's friday for ya!

So here's a little recap of this awesome weekend:
Friday night Dan and I went out to dinner at a local bar with some friends and family. It was delish but we had to call it an early night (midnight) cause I had to get up and work the next morning. BOO!
Saturday after work I napped :)
I am such a huge fan of naps!!! 
I think it has something to do with our amazing bed.
It's a pillow top mattress,
so you sleep in a cloud.
Yup imagine that.
Saturday night we met up with Karla from Forever Newlywedded and her husband.
They invited us over for dinner and fun...
we literally laughed the entire night.
Our dinner convos consisted of:
poop, how we are going to invent a way for women to stand and pee like men, and it just ook off from there. Karla helped me with my blog and gave me great advice how to really get it going. 
We played mario, ate brownie bark, did high kicks, laughed until we cried.
It was a great night :)

Sunday was full of helping a friend get ready for her wedding.
Today we worked on photo booth props. 
We didn't have a photo booth at our wedding, 
so it's something different and a lot of fun to help with.
We also went to the best place on earth for lunch-

And there you have it.
A 4 day recap of my life :) 
See you this week for more fun.

What is something fun you did this weekend??

Ta ta for now <3

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  1. This is hilarious!! I think I need a new leggings sweater combo for thsnksgiving