Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chasing the Sun

I am so happy that it's Thursday.
I don't know why but it seems like these past couple weeks have been going by as fast as a slug can run a 5k. 
I mean, I hate when time flies,
but when I'm at work or during the work week,
it can fly- PLEASE fly!
Unfortunately this week I am working Saturday,
so my work week ends Saturday at 1pm.
I don't want to dumb this awesome post down,
so I'm having a glass of wine with the post.

And I'm definitely NOT a good wine de-corker.

Yes I cut the cork in half,
but I did get it ALL out!! 
And poured myself a nice glass o' wine.
(sorry for the misc items in the background)

a coworker and friend of mine were walking out of work,
and saw this beautiful sunset:

This picture doesn't capture half of what we saw
She needed a ride home and I gladly offered.
This is how she repays me:
(yes this is my car and yes it is a disaster. I think hurricane Sandy hit the INSIDE of my car too).

She cleaned the whole front section of my car!!!
And the repayment did not stop there.
After a tour of her adorable apartment and taking a quick pic to capture said moment:
Wow I look terrible!
This is also the coworker who cleaned my car off yesterday,
and asked to make sure I got home safely :)
She bought me the bottle of wine above.
(sorry, on second glass of said wine... it's really good ok?!)

On my journey homeward,
I was able to see the same sunset for a quick second.
I felt like I was trying to grab the beautiful sunset
and hold it in my pocket.
I was able to chase the sun,
until I could not get any more good pictures.

They are somewhat dark,
but you get the concept!

today I'm linking up with Amber from Brunch With Amber
It's Ok... get a manicure before work not shave my legs for about a month lay in bed for a half hour because it's so comfy and warm have a bottle of Riesling all to myself go out on a work night still not get back on my diet not sign up for the gym or do pump post an adorable picture of my hubs online even tho he said no
and for doing it again bitch at my boss for not coming in during a snow storm be completely obsessed with my blog try to be funny be broke and have Christmas coming try and get my photography business back up and running eat chocolate/ice cream want a washer and dryer more than the big O drink during the day 
only after a crazy week/day want to lose weight but keep stuffing my face with Halloween candy talk to myself

...that money is tight not want to go to work sit and wait for my husband to call maybe not want any children one day love my husband with all my heart

And that is what's ok with me this week :)

Stay tuned for last nights recipe.
Yes, I'm slackin,
but I've just had so much fun linkin up with everybody!

Ta ta for now.


  1. Love your topics for "its ok" Love it! I think I can pretty much say each and every one of those myself!! Happy Almost Friday! =)

  2. I cannot even count on one hand how many times I have had to drink cork with my wine because I break it off in the process.
    needless to say I totally registerd for a electronic opener and luckily it was one of hte first gifts I got.

    and love your it's OK's..

    especially drinking during the week.
    and no gym because candy is wayyy cooler!

  3. Are you not supposed to drink bottles of wine alone?? I love that, lol. and its definitely MORE annoying when you think you're going to have a great day and it ends up horrible, but oh well, it's over now :) Happy Weekend!