Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Night Blues

Happy Daylight Savings Time.
I love daylight savings,
except the part where it means that winter is fastly approaching.
I hate winter.
I want it to be fall all year round-
mainly, early-mid October fall too,
when the leaves are at their prime and it's not too chilly.

Happy Sunday as well!
And it feels a lot later than it is because of this time change.
It got dark at 5pm instead of 6pm which is throwing me completely off.
I feel like I should be in bed by now or something.
Not even because I'm tired,
just cause it's dark.
Not cool nature,
not cool.

Ok onto the events of this weekend.
Where I did not have to work at all.
But it still seemed to fly by.
Why do weekends, no matter what, fly away so quickly!?
I mean, I'm not rude to them.
I think I deserve them.
I don't push them away, that's for sure!
I kind of have a love hate relationship with them:
I love them because I generally don't have to work,
but I hate them cause they end no matter how hard I try to keep them.

Date night!!!
Dan and I had both a relaxing and crazy fun weekend.
Lets start with Saturday shall we?
Why not!
One of our friends were moving into their first house (YAY C&M!!!) on Saturday,
So Dan headed up to help them move.

Happy 1 year wedding anniversary <3
(November 5th, 2011)
I did not go, as much as I would've loved to,
because I am literally NO help in the moving process.
Dan has moved our entire apartment.
By himself.
Three times.
Yea, he's a keeper <3
Also, my family was staying at a hotel because they still had no power,
and they got a new puppy,
insert all the Aawwwss and yayays here,
needless to say,
I'm a sucker for a cute puppy.
Ok, ok, don't pull my leg! Here is the new chiweenie Susie:

She has an orangatang heart shaped belly
and sleeps with her tongue out sometimes.
She is ssoo freakin adorable I can't take it.
Instead of running,
she pounces after her toys.
I spent the entire morning and afternoon at the hotel,
relaxing with the puppies,
hangin with the fam,
and watching episodes of Dancing with the Stars with my sissy.

Our fun Saturday hadn't even begun yet!
Once we both got home,
we showered and got ready for double date night with Karla from Forever Newlywedded and her husband.
We had an amazing dinner at a local restaurant in Bethel 
and of course peachwave for dessert!

I have never tried Nutella before,
but this flavor was A-MAZING!
Karla from Forever Newlywedded
and her hubby
Dan and I are ice cream whores,
and lucky for us,
peachwave is right down the road from our apartment.
Like literally 1 minute driving.
But awesome at the same time.

after much laughing over dinner and dessert,
the 4 of us headed back to our place for wine and beer and blog talk.
the women blogged it up,
while the men watched episodes of Top Gear on netflix.
Thanks to the amazing Karla,
I now I have Button!!
And ways for people to follow me on other social networks.
Now that all sounds stupid and whatever,
but it was super exciting and I am very grateful to Karla for taking the time to make this blog even more great!
It might've been because we finished a bottle of Riesling between the two of us.
No comment.

Aawww ssoo cute <3
Go out and buy this right now!
It takes like juice.
Problem- possibly,
but try it!
The four of us also talked about saving money on luxury things.
One of which being cable vs netflix.
Dan and I gave up cable about two years ago because the contracts and pricing was too high for what we were getting.
We decided to invest in Netflix and completely get rid of cable.
Most people are amazed that we were able to do this,
but if you are looking to save some money,
this is definitely the way to start.
You get to watch tons of episodes of your favorite show all at once,
have tons of movies and shows at your finger tips,
and all for the low price of $8/month for streaming.
That's an average savings of at least $120/month,
which is $1440/year.
That's a week at an all inclusive resort!
Just our words of wisdom for ya.

Sundays and I also have a love hate relationship,
because tomorrow is Monday,
but it's still technically the weekend and I have all day.
But Dan heads up to his brothers,
and I miss out on us time.
Yea, I know it's just one day,
But when we both work 2 jobs,
it gets hard to see each other other than winding down after work.
today was a funday Sunday.
We started it off by laying in bed and 
making homemade chocolate chip pancakes.
And boy were they delish.

Dan putting together our new skillet from Grams!

Everybody should invest in these scoop things,
they are great for any batter: cupcakes, muffins,

Dan likes to get creative with his syrup
Delicious pancakes!
Today was definitely a great lay around day.
All morning before and after pancake devouring,
we lounged around until we felt like getting ready and heading out.
I rarely lounge around,
normally because we are very busy seeing people,
or running errands,
living life.
It felt ssoo nice to just lay on the couch all morning,
watching a random show on Netflix,
with my handsome hubby by my side.

But we eventually did have to get up and out to at least get groceries.
And we stopped by for football at my families house.
We also got to see this gorgeous skyline... so it was worth dragging our lazy butts outta the house for a little while.

It looks so sleepy hollow esque
Karla wrote about how to save about $200/month on groceries,
and I was all over that post
Dan and I are on a very tight budget,
as are most newlyweds.
 I read about her weekly menu,
it was time to try to save some mula!!! 
This morning while lounging around and before we headed out,
the hubs and I decided on the 5 meals we would have this week and my one baking adventure.
This also goes along with my Pinterest Food Challenge.
We went through my pinterest board and picked out our meals 
and my baking challenge for the week.
So here's what we'll be having this week in the Gilbert household:

So there ya have it.
Our fun, exciting, yet relaxing weekend.
This weekend coming up starts my stretch of working Saturday mornings at the bank.
You can imagine my excitement.
Hope you all have a happy Monday.
Yes they come up quick.
And I'm sorry,
one day I'll figure out how to keep the weekends going.

Ta ta for now.


  1. I love every single part of this post from beginning to end. Can't wait to hang out again! This time, maybe you can come to our neck of the woods! We really had a fun time! =)

  2. i love chocolate chip pancakes for sure!! and is that nutella frozen yogurt? where can i buy that delicious sounding yogurt??

    1. Heeyy Meg! Yes it is nutella frozen yogurt. We have found this delicious flavor at Peachwave- it's a frozen yogurt shop in town. Hope you enjoy my blog :)

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