Wednesday, November 7, 2012

newlyWed Wednesday and Link Up Craziness

Happy Happy Hump Day!
We made it to the hump.
I actually didn't think I was going to make it:
see we are getting this crazy snow storm that was suppose to start this evening,
but surprised us with an early arrival of 11:30am.
Now in yesterdays post, I told you all how petrified I am of snow.
I am beyond petrified of driving in snow.
But I made it back home to Sir Daniel safe and sound,
only slid up our complex driveway.

My super scared face at work
How I tried to make my anxiety better
 I ran thru the snow,
 in Toms,
 to get coffee.
 Bad bad idea.
About an hour before I left work
so everything is all better.
I decided to rock my 'bride' socks today for newlywed wednesday
I can't believe we've already made it to the fourth weekly 
(^each link brings you to one of the three newlywed wednesdays)
I feel so accomplished and excited that you all are getting to know about our wedding and pre-wedding.
Today I have decided to add a little fun to this newlyWed Wednesday with
some link up parties!
Yay super exciting.

The first party I am linking up with is from Allie over at Table for MORE.

Childhood expectations of Marriage!!!

1. When you were a child what did you imagine YOUR Prince Charming to be like?
My prince charming was taller than me (which isn't hard considering I was super short and knew I wouldn't be taller than 5 feet), darkish hair, buff, and super smart. I kind of pictured him with looks and a personality like Joey Gladstone (minus the mullet-ish hair style) from one of my favorite childhood shows Full House, with the brain of Einstein.

2. Does you husband match your prediction as a child?
Well he definitely has a great personlity and can always make me smile, he is taller than me with brown hair, he is very strong but I wouldn't call him buff, and he is beyond intelligent and equipt with an Einstein brain.
Look at my handsome husband rockin those aviators
3. What about when you were a teenager and knew all about love, does your relationship match that scenario you had during those rebel years? 
It actually does. I was never really a rebel child and always believed that every relationship should be like the one I'm currently in. Sure- I had my fair share of bad boys where I let my heart get in the way of what I really wanted (ex: smoking, no job, no schooling, etc), but I always learned quick to let those ones go until I found the right one...
And I definitely found the one.
4. What love movie would you best match your relationship to? Why?
Sir Dan and I have always compared our relationship to that in the movie Serendipity and call our relationship serendipitous- a fortunate accident. I've never had an accident be as fortunate as the one where I met Dan.

So there ya have it-
what I thought of marriage when I was just a wee one.

For this next link up,
I'm heading over to visit Mary at  A Happy Wife in New Orleans .

This week for Wedding Wednesday I figured I'd talk about how the Sir Daniel proposed.
This is going to be short and sweet.

It was the evening of Sunday January 16th when Dan and I were sitting in our first apartment together just laying around when my mother called:
Hey! Do you and Dan want to come over for Oma's meat?! 
(Omas meat is sweet and sour pot roast, noodles, and gravy- our favorite meal).
Without thinking twice, 
we got in the car and headed over.
Dinner and dessert went by and it was getting late for a Sunday night-
we both had to work early the next morning afterall.
I was in PJs and Dan in a hoodie and jeans,
lounging clothes.
I hadn't showered or had any make up on either- way to go Dan!
We went down to the car, leftovers in hand, with my sisters bf following to move his car into my spot.
Dan randomly stops in the middle of the driveway and looks up.
Me: Dan what the heck are you doing!?
Dan: Come over here with me.
Me: Ok hold on let me put the leftovers in the car 
Once I got over to Dan and was looking up at the sky, all I could think of was how freakin cold it was and how weird he was being!
Dan: Do you remember the last time we looked at the stars here?
Me: Nope! (I couldn't stop thinking about how it was cloudy and there were no stars)
Dan: It was the day I asked you to be my girlfriend, 381 days ago.
Dan continued going on about how he missed me while I was away on my girls cruise,
and random crap that I'm not gonna lie, I toned out, when all the sudden:
Dan: It was 371 days ago when I realized it had only been 10 days and I didn't want to spend the rest of my life without you.
As soon as he said those word I had a good idea of where he was going...
and on went the waterworks.
Unfortunately I was so caught up in what was happening that I cannot remember what he said,
all I saw was his smile, my sister in the upstairs window crying, and him get down on one knee in the snow/ice.
He opened the box:
Dan: Nicole, Will you marry me?
I was crying and so excited that I literally could not speak!! 
I tried and out came this awkward squawk.
I stuck with a head nod which turned into a body shake and I jumped into his arms!
It was so spur of the moment,
so romantic,
so... us.
I've always imagined what I would want for that moment,
and Dan knew it better than I did.
We went upstairs to celebrate with the entire family-
which is when I found out all the sneakiness on Dan's part.
*He did ask my dad for my hand in marriage.
*He bought MY ring on black Friday in the same mall I was working in at the same time I was working.
*He tried to write out a speech but ended up winging it.
The night we got engaged.
Yes I was crying.
And look a mess.
But I was happier than a prostitute with a negative STD test.
So there ya have it!
How it all started.
Sorry it wasn't really short "/
I just get super into telling our love story. 
I hope you enjoyed our little engagement story.
Let me know what you all think about our love story- 
I'd love to know about yours.


Ta Ta for Now <3

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