Monday, November 5, 2012

Yo Quiero Healthy Crunchwrap Supremes

We made it!
It is officially the almost end of Monday!!
The most hated day of the week,
is coming to a close end.
This is both good and bad,
good because it means we are closer to the weekend,
bad because I have to get up for work in the morning tomorrow.
I hope all your Mondays were doable,
mine wasn't terrible.
Lets see,
I was on drive up, which if you are a banker you know isn't a fun Monday,
and then I got to come home to the hubster.
Oh!!! And I got to see Susie and Lulu on my lunch break.

It's lumber jack Susie!
However the happy part to this Monday is not only the fact that I'm watching our wedding DVD again,
but this amazing dinner recipe I am about to share with you all.

Now if you are a newlywed,
you are probably aware of the newlywed 15.
This is the weight you gain after the honeymoon when you realize:
hey, I don't have to fit into my wedding dress in a couple months.
I gained that weight.
Plus or minus a couple.
Senor Dan and I are on a constant diet or health kick,
so along with our weekly menu,
we are trying to not only be money conscious but health concious as well.
This is how great we did:
after recently participating in FREE Doritos locos tacos at Taco Bell last week,
I was having such a craving for their crunch wrap supreme.
Until I realized:
WAIT! I pinned a healthy version of this on my food board which also works with Nicole's Pinterest Food Challenge! And not only that, but we don't have to spend any money at Taco Bell because I'm still scared I'll get E-coli poisoning there.
Needless to say,
This made our menu for tonight!

HEALTHY Crunchwrap Supremes

What you'll need:
1. 4-6 flour tortillas
2. Tortilla chips
3. Ground beef/turkey- we like ground turkey, it's healthier
4. diced tomatoes
5. mexican style shredded cheese
6. lettuce
7. Taco seasoning

The How To:
Brown ground meat in frying pan.
Add taco seasoning as per instructions on packet.

While meat is browning,
lay out the rest of the ingredients.
This way they will be easily accessible when it's time to build your wrap.

Heat up flour tortillas individually in microwave for about 10 seconds each.
This helps in the folding process.

Once meat and taco seasoning is cooked, 
set up an assembly line.
In the middle of the tortilla,
put a layer of meat, cheese, tortilla chips, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Before folding,
place pan on medium-medium high and spray with Pam.
Now the folding part isn't hard but getting it into the pan is hard.
From the bottom,
fold up and into the middle and go all the way around the wrap.
Because it is highly unlikely that everything will be covered,
use an extra tortilla in the center before folding.

Please do not judge my nails- it's been a bad nail polish week

Without the torilla in the center

With the added flour tortilla in the center
Ok now listen carefully-
place seam side down on the palm of your hand and slide into pan.
Be careful not to burn yourself!
It is really tricky to not let the sides unfold,
but Senor Dan figured it out after the first one!

Let brown on either side, about 3 minutes on medium heat.
Also be careful when flipping to not dig under the folds.
Remove from heat and mmm muy bueno.
Don't be afraid if your folds aren't pressed or they stay in place.
That will happen, but they suprisingly stay while being devoured and stuffed in your face.

And there you have it,
your healthy crunchwrap supreme.
Dan and I made enough for lunches tomorrow.
And they are delicoso!!
One way that we will try next time is:
instead of diced tomatoes, we'd put some salsa in the middle of the wrap.
Add a little more of a sweet flavor.

Ta ta for now <3

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  1. Yet another recipe that I need to try. THANKS! =) So excited!
    Glad your Monday went okay! =)