Friday, November 2, 2012

Family is Forever

Happy Happy Friday!!!!
Most of you are out of work by now, 
including me,
and it is officially the weekend.
I don't have to work tomorrow and have the whole weekend off,
Happy Happy HAPPY Friday!!! 

I want to talk about how much hurricane Sandy has gotten to people's heads...
most of them unfortunately are not in a good way.
Connecticut was lucky enough to not get hit as horribly as NY and NJ,
yet most of us are acting like little cry babies compared to how those who lost the most are acting.
Yes, some have been without power for 5 days and there's no end to it yet,
if power is the only thing you lost in this hurricane, be thankful.
Some have lost their homes, families, and loved ones in this hurricane.
Be thankful that you are just stuck in the dark for a week,
instead of trying to find a place to live for the rest of your life,
or your families that are stuck somewhere.
Be thankful you are alive!

 How crazy and scary is this comparison 

Dan and I had the pleasure of hosting my family here last night to warm up, shower and recharge.

 Recharge central 
They are still without power and making light of it (haha punny)!
No matter what we are doing,
my family and I always end up peeing our pants laughing.
While we were eating our delish meal (which I will get to),
my dad goes:
UH OH, what's that?! (he thought the pup pooped on the floor)
I answered with:
Dad, that's just a leaf.
Dan looks to his left and goes:
Uh OH! What's that?! Shit!!!
And it really was the shit my dad thought he saw.
We were ROARING with laughter.
And every time one of us thought about it,
we all started back up again!
That is why I love my family,
no matter the predicament that we are in,
there's always room for laughter and fun.
that even in the toughest times,
laughter will help all.

Because my parents have done a lot for Dan and I,
I decided to make them a home cooked meal with electricity.
This dish couldn't be any easier and is super delicious.
If you want a simple meal that is a crowd pleaser,
this is it!

Chicken Cutlets with baked potatoes, corn, and salad

What it takes:
1. Boneless Skinless chicken boobs- we made 6 boobs
2. 2 eggs, beaten
3. Italian bread crumbs
4. olive oil
5. Baked yams/yukon gold potatoes
6. canned corn, microwaved
7. bagged salad
Yup, that's it- great isn't it!

What to do:
Pound chicken until they are reaalllyyy thin,
or do what Chef Daniel did-
cut the breasts in half and then pound them.
Best part about doing it this way-
it doubles the amount of chicken you get!
Once chicken is nice and thin,
put chicken in the beaten eggs and cover both sides with egg.

Once both sides have been egged,
transfer chicken to bread crumbs and slather the boobs full of bread crumbs.

Once crumbed,
put aside.
Put a good amount of olive oil on the bottom of a frying pan and put stove on med to medium low.
Place 2-3 breasts in pan at a time and fry both sides until golden and crispy.
Make sure inside is completely cooked before taking off heat.

We bake our potatoes in the microwave.
Thoroughly wash potatoes and pierce either side with a knife/fork so they don't EXPLODE!
Wrap in damp paper towel and place in microwave.
Heat for 5:30 minutes, flip, and heat again for 5:30 minutes.

Heat up corn for a minute in the microwave.

Toss some salad in a bowl and WABAAMM!!
Happy, generally healthy meal :)

We hope you all have a great weekend:
Dan and I are starting the weekend off right with a night at our favorite local bar.
Tomorrow morning Dan is helping his friends move into their adorable new house.
Tomorrow night we are meeting with a friend of mine from high school and her hubby for dinner. She is also newish to blogging and has a cute newlywed blog  that you should all go check out!
Sunday Funday is up in the air right now, but I will get back to you on the details.
Don't worry,
there will be pictures along the way.

Have a great and HAPPY friday!!!

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  1. You basically summed up everything that I have been feeling and have been wanting to say about some of the ppl in CT who are crying about not having power, while others have worse issues to deal with. Sure, it sucks for those without power, but it's something that can be easily fixed, as you said. Thanks for keepin it real! Could not have said it better myself! =)
    See you tomorrow night!!