Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Real talk Tuesday - Round 2

And we've made it through another Monday.
I hope everybody made it through alive and well.
I know Mondays can be somewhat horrible.
it is now Tuesday and you know what that means:
with Nikki over at From a Miss to a Mrs.

I am in love with name brand items.
It is, however, limited to accessories more than clothing.
The feel of the leather/fabric is just the best feeling ever!
It's like winning the lotto,
except not.
I mainly have knock off purses because the real ones are ridiculously priced.
I feel like there should be an AA for stuff like this. 
Hi my name is Nicole and I love Michael, and Tiffany, and Coach.
Yes- definitely need something like that.
on our honemoon I did splurge BIG time!
Not only did I buy a coach bag, I bought that tiffany's ring and Michael Kors watch you see above.
That Michael Kors clutch is on my Christmas Wish List 2012. 
I have been doing very well suppressing the urge to shop in general ever since I met my husband,
as newlyweds- we are on a budget, like most of you!
However, I do get the Name Brand fever every now and then.
Tell me:
Is anybody else a name brand whore?

Happy real talking.

Ta ta for now <3


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you :) Feel free to follow along... it's a wild ride

  2. I just got over to reading this, but a- thank you for linking up! and b- I am but I'm not?? If I had infinite funds, I would definitely be a name brand whore, but I've been on a budget my whole adult life so mainly I limit myself as much as possible, and splurge once in awhile. Like the pink coach bag I carry everyday....lol