Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Socializing

Since it is November and one of my favorite holidays is right around the corner,
today I'm linking up with Ashley
Sunday Social.

What is my favorite Thanksgiving memory?
This is a toughy. I have so many memories, especially since being with my husband and visiting three families every year. A general memory is over eating at every house to the point of unbuttoning all our pants and passing out while watching football.

What is my favorite Thanksgiving food?
MASHED POTATOES! I can eat mashed potatoes like chocolate and for some reason on Thanksgiving, they are the best! The fluffiness, buttery goodness is just heavenly!

What is a family tradition me and my family have?
Every year at Dans families house, we have a competition of who can make the best apple pie. I love being a judge cause I love apple pie, 
and in my mind- my hubs always wins :)

Share some pictures from past Thanksgivings:

^ Thanksgiving 2010

^ Thanksgiving 2011

What am I looking forward to most this Thanksgiving?
Instead of going to all three families this year, we are just going to Dans families houses; one for dinner and the other for dessert. It's going to save us a lot of running around and stress in planning. We will miss Thanksgiving with my family, but are looking forward to a more relaxing holiday.

Have a great relaxing Sunday all.

Ta ta for now <3


  1. Oh my gosh. It's so hard to see a million different families. We have Scott's Mom's side, and Dad's side.. and then my parents... and some of my extended family is in Maine. It's SO hard to please everyone. Good for you for just doing 2 families!! =)

  2. I am already looking forward to the Thanksgiving day mashed potatoes!