Friday, January 11, 2013

31 is the new 21

Happy Friday first and foremost!
Second I need your help!!
I am trying to find the perfect card for Dan but I love four of them...
help me here!!!
The other day I posted how fast the week was going,
until yesterday.
It seemed to stop and from what I read,
most of you thought it was Friday too!
Dear readers: Welcome if you're new, and hello to all! 
I hope you enjoy my little surprises for Sir Dans birthday.
And that you all have a great weekend and linkup with
Karla and I on Monday to share your weekend through pictures :)
Dear Dan: I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday. 
Dear self: Only four more weeks!!! You can do it
Dear bed: Stop being so warm and cuddly in the morning.

And now onto Sir Dans birthday festivities:

For those of you who don't know,
yesterday was Sir Dans 31st Birthday!!
Now most people would be like
so what he's 31, just go out to dinner.
Well for some strange reason
I treat my husbands birthday like it's a national freakin holiday.
I go all out for all his birthdays.
Surprises, cakes, gifts, little things here and there,
video messages, social media posts...
you name it, I do it.
Last year for his big 3-0,
I threw him a surprise birthday party.
This year because it was just the ugly odd 31,
and we are trying to save money and all that crap,
it was a little smaller but filled with lots of little surprises.

I was lucky enough to get outta work at 12:30pm
thank goodness for flex time!
Now, ya think knowing that his birthday was coming up
and that I had this awesome short day,
that I would've thought about what I was going to do more than hours in advance.
Yeah... not so much!
But I had a plan as to what I would do during the day,
and then just made everything happen somehow.
Dan gets outta work at 2:30pm,
so the first co-op mission had to do with his car:

Yes, I wrote on his car in hot pink.
However there is a reason.
I didn't have time to run to the store,
but my mom had some leftover from my bachelorette party...
which equals hot pink.
He is not fond of the color
and tried to scrape it off,
but liked the idea of it.

 My first hideout location

 And this is how you get him
to not figure out what is going on
and know when he'll be heading to his car.

 I moved my hideout spot to a better hidden location.
And had a perfect view of the door he'd be exiting out of.
Worked out great!

 Ta da!!
Nothin like a guy with a car covered in pink.

As I stated in yesterdays post,
we were gonna head to a local bar that gives you free wings
for the number of the age you are turning.
I do not like their wings and it's such a small crowded place,
I decided on our local fave.
And since I work there and know the owners,
I headed there ahead of time to set up our table.
For those of you who don't know,
Dan does not drink alcohol.
Never has... never will.
I got him sparkling cider to celebrate with
and had it chilled to perfection.
I also spoiled him with these:
Milk chocolate covered HUGE strawberries.
I was going to give him chocolate,
however since we are watching our girlish figures,
what is more healthy than fruit?? 
See... always thinkin I am!

After Dan got done with his second job,
we met back at the apt and headed out again.
Now he thought he was going to the other bar,
and I played it off that way.
We drove right to it,
I put my blinker on and slowed down,
and then went right past it.
When we got to the bar,
everything was still in place
now was just the waiting game for friends to arrive.
It was a small get together,
Sunday we are celebrating with all our families.
It was definitely a fun night filled with laughs,
great food and drinks, friends,
and homemade cake!!

 Moms famous Boston Cream Cake.
Must be eaten upside down to make sure
you get chocolate in every bite
and it doesn't all fall off the top!

Happy Weekend everybody! 
 See ya Monday for me and Karla's
Instagramazing Weekend Linkup!
 So get your pictures ready!

Ta ta for now <3



  1. What a great way to surprise your man - I'm trying to think of what to do for my hubby this March, you might have given me some ideas :)

  2. Aww! I think every birthday is a big deal! :) I always feel kind of bad when I can't do something at least a little special, even if it's just his favorite meal.
    So good for you! And Happy Belated to Dan!