Thursday, January 17, 2013

I had to... It's Ok...

Even though I did post already today
With a different linkup,
I can’t NOT do my favorite linkup.

Linking up with Neely and Amber

P.S. I had to do this post on the blogger app, hence why the button is at the bottom!

 It’s ok…

…that I am working both jobs for the next three days.

…that working both jobs means 16+ hour days.

…that working both jobs means even though working long days I will hopefully be making enough money to not care.

…that I have next week off and plan on doing not much of anything because the last week I had off I was sick.

… to feel really great after working out and eating right. I really feel like this time everything will stick.

…that I’m so proud of my sister for doing great so far at student teaching; she is going to make such a great teacher.

…that since giving up alcohol, soda, and coffee, I am now drinking a boat load of tea and water making me have to pee every 5 seconds.

…that I hate peeing. I wish I was a man because then it’d be a lot easier. Women have to unbutton, pull pants down, sit, wait, wipe, stand, pull pants up, button, wash hands… uh!! Men: unzip, pull out, go, jiggle, push in, zip, hopefully wash, DONE!

…that sometimes I look at peoples wedding pics and wish I had thought of some of their ideas.

…to do 2 linkups in one day!

Happy Thursday everybody J

Ta ta for now <3

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  1. LOL...about the peeing comment! So true and not fair that us women have to do so much more work and it seems like we have to go more often all the time! Enjoy your week off!