Monday, January 14, 2013

Hi my name is Nicole... and I have a problem...

Nicole here reporting in on how I am miserably failing at
This whole eating healthier and dieting thing.
Now I started BEFORE the new year and
DO NOT consider this a resolution fail by any means.
I’m just plain old failing.
Yes Dan and I are doing Les Mills PUMP
But what’s exercise without concentrating on healthy eating?

Lets recap shall we:
Started out semi strong with just plain old eating healthy,
No calorie count, no nothin!
Then Sir Dans birthday week/weekend happened.
There went ALL hope of eating healthy.
I did make his favorite meals throughout the week
Which are generally pretty healthy in moderation.
Yea, no moderation or portion control!
I ate like it was the last supper 100 times over.
Fast forward to his birthday-
We went to our favorite local bar (also where I work)
And didn’t hold back!
We had Irish Nachos as an appetizer (steak fries instead of chips, topped with bacon, tons of cheese, tomatoes, and scallions- basically a heart attack in the form of deliciousness) and I had wings for dinner.
Yea talk about fried food heaven!
Not to mention the glass(es) of wine I also consumed.
Saturday was the next celebration of his birthday with one of our favorite couples.
I had prepared tons of delicious finger foods which were mainly healthy,
But we promised the boys that we’d get pizza for dinner.
Yea… there goes that healthy eating with 2 slices of pizza hut and their cinnamon sticks with the amazing icing.
And whats a birthday celebration without peachwave??
Peachwave is generally healthy though- it’s non/low fat yogurt but the massive amounts of crumbled butterfinger I put on top is not so healthy.
Sunday was pretty good…
Until we got together with both sides of our families for his birthday dinner.
We went to Olive Garden,
Not terribly unhealthy…
That is until you order the Zeppoli for dessert and have that plus the chocolate dipping sauce.

As you can see it has just been a week of horrible eating and not enough exercising to even cover one Zeppoli.
My sister and I have been starting to diet about 6 times these weeks after the holidays, but we just haven’t gotten that umph to really stick with it.
We both have apps on our phones (Loseit! And my fitness pal) to work with, but when there’s cookies or chocolate laying around,
Our self control just disappears!
My sister finally got that urge and has been doing great since Thursday.
Now when we were dieting for the wedding,
She did way better than I did and was very strict about her diet.
I would always take a few extra chips or snacks because I literally have about no self control!
I continually make excuses that make whatever I'm going to eat ok!
She’s such an inspiration though to really stick with it this time.
At Olive Garden she didn’t have one breadstick (I had 2) and no salad (which is a whomping 1000+ calories cause of the dressing).
I’m going to try to be as good as she is starting (yes again) right NOW!
We are all going to Costa Rica and I want to look SMOKIN!
Plus our anniversary is just around the corner,
And I want to look sexy for that and not feel like I do without clothes on.
There are many more reasons to why I want to get in shape,
but those are the ones that are going to help me get there :)

Here’s to a new, healthier me.
This time I will be calorie counting everything that enters my mouth.
I will not be drinking soda or alcohol because they just add unwanted and unneeded calories.
Now if you know me, which most of you somewhat do by now, I am a
Diet Coke a-holic. I can drink that every day all day for the rest of my life.
I just love the taste of it!
I don’t use it for the caffeine,
I just really enjoy the taste.
So this give-up is going to be a toughy.
I will be drinking water, water, and water!

I’ll keep you all updated on my progress,
No weight postings or pounds lost.
Since we are doing PUMP,
I plan on losing fat but gaining muscle,
And muscle is heavier than fat.
I will determine my weight ‘loss’ by how I feel,
How my pants feel, and how I look.
Yes weight does matter,
But so does gaining muscle.

I hope you all stick with me on this crazy journey
And will help me stay as motivated as I am right now.
If I get overly annoying about this,
Just yell at me!
This is not a weight loss blog 


Ta ta for now <3


  1. I have such a problem too, I can't say no!

  2. Are you on My Fitness Pal? I use that on both the computer and my android and it helps a lot! (I can't remember who I'm friends with and who I'm not, ha!)

  3. I am the same way. And I finally found chocolate wafers that were low fat. We go out and I turn down chocolate cake thinking I could eat the chocolate wafers when I got home... Um no the dogs found them on the counter and helped themselves. I could have cried