Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's Ok... to be OLD!

I'm not going to lie,
this week has flown by.
Thank goodness!
Today's already Thursday...
and even though work contains so much tension in one small box
you can cut it was samurai sword,
I couldn't be more excited for the weekend.

And not only is today just a Thursday,
At his surprise 30th birthday party last year
To celebrate his birthday,
we are going to a local restaurant that gives
as many wings as the age you are turning.
That means 31 wings between the 2 of us!
We are going to have to do some extra Pump for them too.
aanndd I may or may not have gotten him a gift yet "/ bad wife award goes to me

Now it's time for my favorite link up eva 
with Amber and Neely
It's ok... have no yet gotten my amazing husband his birthday gift 

...that our Christmas tree is still up and I'm proud of it

...that I'm overly excited for this weekend

...that I have the best mom ever 
she surprised me at work yesterday 
with a bag full of new clothes that I LOVE

...that I spent a little too much moolah Tuesday 
It's the semi annual sale!!
I got awesome sequin leggings,
how could I pass that up?!
A gorgeous Michael Kors shirt I got from TJ Maxx
that I am in love with <3

...that I'm petrified of my sisters road rage and driving
she put her car in park at a red light eat all my hardwork in amazing Chinese food

...that I made one of my famous passed down through the fam recipes,
which you can find HERE <------

And that's all I can think of for now.
Onto the birthday celebrations and co-op birthday missions ;)
don't worry, pictures of that are to come!

Ta ta for now <3


  1. LOVE!! Can't wait for Saturday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAANNNN!

  2. Half of my tree is still up. Other half is on the floor. I think I love your mom! That is awesome!!! Stopping by from the link up.

  3. How fun! And JEALOUS of that MK shirt! I always seem to go when most of their stuff is picked over. That blue is BEAUT!

  4. I too am on my way to being OLD. The BIG 30 next month, I have plans on how I will live my thirties, but that plan does not involve growing up... all the way at least. I LOVE sushi, and I have to try that recipe, because I have never made it myself, and I live to far inland to attempt to taste at a restaurant nearby.

    Amanda @3lilapples courtesy of A Complete Waste of Makeup

    Have a GREAT Thursday.

  5. Looks like you had good luck shopping...sequin leggings sound very fun!! Have a good weekend celebrating the Mr.'s bday!

  6. Looks like you had good luck shopping! I have been avoiding the semi-annual sale so I can try to save money lol.