Saturday, January 12, 2013

The $5 Challenge

I've been seeing this little beaut everywhere
but didn't think I'd be able to do it for a few reasons.
a.) I don't carry cash that much
b.) I really love carrying small bills around
c.) I haven't served at night in a while.

Because of some up and coming changes,
and the fact that I love where I work at night,
I will be working nights again to make money.
And tips are the best place to get a variety of bills.
I worked last night and only took home one,
but it was then and there I decided to do this.

What is it you're asking??
We shall call it the $5 moolah challenge.
How does it work?
It's super simple:
every time you find a $5 bill in your possession,
set it aside 
until the end of the yearish...
DON'T spend it!

Now I'm going to change the rules a little for myself:
If I get money out and exchange for smaller bills,
that does not count.
It's when I get change or what not.
I do love 5s-
easy to get coffee with etc...
So I feel that I should be able to spend the 5s I take out.
But if I want to put it in my jar at the end of the day,
I definitely will!

People have said you can save $1000s a year by just saving 5s.

And it's a challenge for me not to spend $$ that's just laying around.
I can't wait to see if I can do this. 

What do you think about this challenge???
Something you'd be interested in too??

Also I need your help!!
I want to get the perfect Valentine's Day card for Dan
but can't decide!!
You can help me HERE!!

Ta ta for now <3


  1. This is a great idea! So cool, & I'd never seen it before!

  2. I have seen that floating around too so good luck! I'm doing something similar but with change and then all my tips go in an envelope to save. Hope it works!

  3. Need to do this..I pinned on Pinterest but never started!

  4. We do this! I like getting cash out and trying to budget each 20 so I have 5 left for the jar.

  5. Saw this on Pinterest! Do it! I like to save so I always check out other "saving plans". lol There is another I just ran across last week that I like the sound of, I may try it too! Gotta finish my budgeting to see if I can! lol

  6. My Mom did this for our wedding gift! She saved up since we got engaged, so a little over a year, and gave us all the $5 bills for us to use specifically for date nights. So far, we haven't touched them, but it's a great idea! Hubby & I never use cash so we probably would suck at this.