Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I was nominated!!!

I can't believe I got nominated for the Liebster Award, again!! And by two people at the same time. Thank you Gayle and Brandy for the nominations. Don't forget to check out my Real Talk Tuesday found HERE! 
Anyway... here goes:

The Liebster is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers. It's usually given to newer or up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.
So, here are the rules for this award:
1. You must post 11 things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you.
3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
4. Choose 11 new blogs & link them in your post
5. Let those bloggers know they have been nominated!
6. If you want, leave a comment on this post with the URL to your Liebster award so I can learn more about YOU!

11 Facts about Nicole
1. I am a picture whore- literally I don’t go a day without taking a picture. Some people make fun of me, but I love documenting EVERYTHING!! I like having my memories right there in the form of a picture.
2. I have officially become a wine-o and I am not ashamed to say it. After a long work week or stressful day, it’s just… soo good!

3. I am a true believer that my husband and I will be forever in the honeymoon stage and don’t care what anybody says… ya’ll are just haters!
4. I have 4 tattoos- all are hidden and not visible unless I show you and ALL of them have a meaning!! I have one on my left foot that symbolizes me and my little sister, one going down the right side of my ribs which says ‘…I’ll like you for always…’ (my sister has the ‘I’ll love you forever… and my dad ends it with ‘…as long as I’m living my babies you’ll be’ and our portraits as toddlers), I have L<3ve on the outer part of my left ring finger, and I have a heart lock on the middle left of my back (dan has the key).

5. In exactly 5 weeks I will be pursuing my dream and going to Tony and Guys school of Cosmetology J!!! I am beyond excited and wanted to do this my entire life! The salon my mother works at is the only cosmetology school in New England to have Tony and Guy ASK them to become accredited to their school… it’s an amazing honor for the salon and I am honored to be able to attend school there!
6. I am only 5 feet tall. My whole family, both sides of the family, the women are no taller than 5”3 and I am no exception. I like being short but it’s incredibly hard to find pants that aren’t too long or shoes.
7. I hate hate hate hate HATE drama!!! I don’t see the point in it at all! However, I ALWAYS get dragged into somebody’s drama some how.
8. I can talk to anybody about anything related to or about sex. I am completely open about it and find it interesting. One day I hope to be a hairdressing sex therapist, but that is a while down the road.
9. I can’t go anywhere without my iPhone. Yes I know that sounds super technologically stupid but it has everything with it!! Including my camera that I use on a daily basis, which we all know I can’t live without.
10. I live in New England but I can’t stand the winter. A lot of people come right at me and say ‘well move then!’ but it’s a little hard when your entire family lives here, you’re married, and have school/jobs here.
11. I am sick of the question: when are you guys having kids? I understand that it is the next step after the ‘I dos’ but I don’t get why having children has to be right after! Why not live in your marriage and travel, explore, save money!!! It’s not even on our radar right now or for years to come.

Questions from Brandy at Sissy Fits
1. Favorite genre of music? 
//This is actually a really tough question because I can’t name just one. I honestly LOVE all genres of music. It really depends on my mood at that time which picks the genre for the day.
2. Pen or pencil?
//By far pen, and a black pen at that!
3. What's in your purse?
//I have a small crossbody and yet I still manage to fit everything but the kitchen sink in there. I have bills, payment receipts, tampons, chapstick, a USB drive, my wallet/clutch, iPhone, checkbook, a purple pen, my work schedule, a mini planner, and some change.

4. Most embarassing moment?
//I hate this question because there are a lot but I don’t embarrass easily when it happens. One that I can think of off the top of my head is I called a man a woman directly to their face and still to this day swore it was a woman. I got red in the face for hours!
5. Sports fan? Favorite team(s)?
//I am a sports fan! Baseball- Yankees. Football- Giants. That’s really the only ones I pay attention to.
6. Favorite thing to drink?
//I am a diet coke a holic!! I can drink it all day every day for.ev.er!
7. Morning person or night owl?
//Morning person mostly, but I’m also becoming more and more of a night owl. I like the nightlife on Friday and Saturday nights more than weekdays.
8. Favorite Restaurant?
//My mom and grandmas kitchen J nothing beats their cooking!
9. Favorite Disney movie?
//Lion King all the way!! And I still cry during the stampede scene!
10. With friends or family or whomever, would you rather go to a bar/club or stay in and watch a movie or play games?
//This is a toughy. Lately I’ve wanted to go to the bar a lot, just to dance with friends and hang out. But I do love staying in with the hubs and watching movies or playing video games during the week as well.
11. Do you have any pets?
//Dan and I personally do not L and I hate it even though I know right now we can’t afford it anyway we look at it. My parents however have the two cutest little pups around!

Questions from Gayle at Grace for Gayle
1. If you had a Friday/Saturday night at home all to yourself, what would you spend your time doing?
//I would probably just cook myself dinner, prepare some posts, watch Netflix, and fall asleep on the couch.
2. What is your absolute dream vacation?
//I have two that Dan and I will do before we have children: to drive cross country and see the USA and backpack through Europe and see as much as we can in like a month!
3. What is your most embarrassing moment?  {That question is too good to not recycle!}
//Look up above at question 4 for this answer J
4. What one item in your house {not person or pet} would you rescue from a fire?
//Again it’s a toss up (I’m no good at picking just one thing obviously): my Macbook Pro, iPhone, and Canon DSLR. All of them have something I couldn’t live without.
5. Name one food you could {figuratively} not live without?
//Candy Chicken and Omas meat (yup two again). Candy chicken is chicken breast cut up in cubes, mixed with thousand island dressing and apricot preserves and baked- served over white rice. Omas meat is sweet and sour pot roast covered with homemade gravy and egg noodles. Oh my goodness I'm craving both meals right now!
6. What is your proudest accomplishment so far?
//I think that would definitely have to be finding and marrying my husband. I don't think I could have found a better, more perfect husband than him. And our wedding was a fairytale come true.
7. Do you have any phobias/irrational fears?
//I hate bridges, death, and vomit! 
8. Who is your best friend, and how long have you known him/her?  How did you meet?
//I have a few best friends but I'll name my person (from Greys Anatomy)... that would be Karen who has left me here in CT- KIDDING! She did move with her husband to AZ and I miss her like crazy every.day. I have known Karen since 10th grade but got really close to her on the night of bad decisions in our freshman year of college. 
9. Favorite TV show: right now? of all time?
//right now: because we don't have cable, it's all past seasons- Rules of Engagement.
of all time: NCIS because I love Mark Harmon and Tony
10. What is your #1 pet peeve?
//Whining, liars, and drama. They are all equal in my book
11. Who is your favorite superhero?
//I'm a batman fan. All the way!

Questions for my nominees:
1. If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
2. What is your dream car and why?
3. Share with us your favorite recipe.
4. What is one item you can't live a day without?
5. What is the worst/funniest prank you pulled?
6. Do you have any crazy date stories?
7. If you could write one law, what would it be and why?
8. What are three words that describe you?
9. What is one thing you have on your bucket list?
10. If you win the lotto, what would you do with the money?
11. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

And the nominees are...
English at Be Freckled
Jessica at Dream Mo(o)re
*yes I am only putting a few blogs. I'm lazy and have to make dinner :)
Enjoy ladies!!



  1. Yay! I loved learning more about you! :) Your night at home sounds like many of my normal nights, but then again, I love alone so it's easy for me to have evenings at home . . . alone. ;) Thanks for accepting the award!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  2. (PS, I expect that you really did literally jump for joy when you got my comment.) :D

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  3. Loved your answers! I'm a picture/camera whore too! And I also like to have everything photo-documented! lol Fell in love with it as a kid!
    I'm actually saving for my first DSLR right now & it's LOOOONG overdue! (I also hate that being a photographer/into photography seems like a fad right now, kinda feels like a slap in the face to me, lol)

  4. Aww, yes...I love your tattoos! So great and meaninful! :)