Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nicole's Amusement Park

Welcome to my amusement park!
Thanks Whitney for your one day linkup,
so I too can be nosey and visit other 
amusement parks ;) .

\\ I dip my eggs in ketchup. Every which way they can be cooked, they are dipped in ketchup. I hate the taste of them without ketchup.

\\ I have to take a shower every single day. If I don't, I feel disgusting to the point where I will take one at midnight because I feel so gross. I normally take them in the morning.

\\ For a 25 year old, I have the worlds smallest shoe size (or so it feels). They range from a 5-5.5 in womens (which is 3-3.5 in girls). It's super hard to find shoes and when I do, I feel like I won the lottery.

\\ I do most of my blog post thinking in the shower (yes like most of you). For some reason, maybe the relaxing warmth or sound, they just come to me.

\\ Whenever I look at my phone first thing in the morning, I have an order as to which apps get opened first: Instagram, facebook, twitter (personal then blog), weather, safari, email. It never changes.

\\ Because of said app order, I have to set my alarm a half hour early to look at them all and lay in bed before I actually have to get up.

\\ Along with my app regimen, I have a morning regimen: get out of bed, turn on shower, brush teeth while waiting for shower to get warm, when in shower- shampoo, rinse, condition, shave (if I feel like it), body wash and rinse, wash face, rinse conditioner, stand and soak up water, dry off and put hair in towel, put deod on, lotion body, unwravel towel, put PJs on, brush and leave in condition hair, eye makeup, blow dry hair, foundation and blush, get dressed. If I don't do that every morning, I feel off. Weird I know.

\\ I'm a super budgetter and cheapo. I find it hard to buy things that cost more than $25. However, there are certain things I need to buy that are more expensive than other brands: secret clinical strength deod, makeup, tampons.

\\ I am a paranoid, anxious person and it drives me to do crazy things. When Sir Dan doesn't let me know he's at work safely in the morning, I automatically assume he's dead in a ditch and call him till he answers (or awakes from unconsciousness).

\\ I love to have a good time. And I will make my own good time anywhere, anytime.

Thats really all the weird, crazy, awkward facts I can think of for now.
I hope you enjoyed your adventure through Nicole's Amusement Park,
visit anytime: open 24/7! 

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  1. oh my gosh, we're so alike! Yes to the going crazy - still haven't heard from my hubby, he's obviously in a ditch. Yes to spending moolah on deodorant and tampoons. And yes, I wear a size 5 shoe. So glad I'm not alone!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who always assumes my husband has died if he doesn't answer me ASAP lol

  3. Lol. You already know I too make Scott text me when hes at work. We are such caring wives!! Loved this! :-)
    I have a morning app regimen too! Haha. OCD!!

  4. I loved learning a little more about you!! I unfortunately cannot take a shower everyday. My skin and hair get too dry if I do, unless it's a super hot and sweaty day in the summer.

  5. OMG totes jealous of your shoe size I have skiis for feet but I am 5'9 so I guessss it's acceptable.. Grumble. Also, I am suuuuper glad I am not the only one who HAS to have ketchup with my eggs... When I get eggs and there is not ketchup nearby I get squirmy.. Can't eat them without it!!!

  6. I have to shower every day too. And in the morning. My hair is super thin and fine so it's awful in the morning and has to be washed.