Saturday, January 19, 2013

It is Really Happening!!

In yesterdays post,
I mentioned that I would reveal all about our life changing event.
This is HUGE for us for many reasons.
And yesterday it became officialish.

Here goes:
I am quitting my current job (gave my 3 weeks yesterday because I'm on vacation this week) and going to school full time to Toni and Guys School of Cosmetology!!
I've wanted to be a hairdresser ever since I was a little girl
when my mom first started working at this school.
As I grew older, 
my parents thought the obsession would change.
But it didn't.
They still practically made me go to college,
which I did and did not like.
however if it wasn't for college, I wouldn't have met my awesome husband
Them seeing where I was working after getting my degree 
(a local bank making no money)
and how unhappy and miserable I was,
they offered to help Dan and I pay for this school.
I almost cried I was so happy.
me quitting comes with A LOT of budgetting 
and even figuring out if we could make this possible.
Even though this is what I always wanted,
could it be done?
After number crunching for a week or two,
with Dans current income and me working my night waitressing job,
we could actually live.
I cried when we figured this out.
I'm nervous and was going to say no because I don't want to let my parents, Dan, or myself down. 
But Sir Dan helped me realize this is my dream, my passion.
He even stated that if I need to practice putting make up on somebody,
he'll be a dumbie for me.
Now that's love!
I've been holding in my good news until it was all finalized.
This coming week we are going to put the money down.
I start February 12th and go for 9-10 months.
I will come out wiht 1 more certificate than 99% of cosmetology schools
because of the Toni and Guy accredidation which is amazing!
I've never been more excited for school as I am for this.
My goals are:
to be the best in my class, get into the salon (there's a middle ground and a very prestigious salon in accordance with the school) right from school, and open my own salon in the future.
I have the best parents and husband a girl could ask for.
Not many people have families/husbands that will stop everything 
and make sure you're happy.
I am truly blessed.

I will keep you all updated on everything.

I hope you all go on this journey and enter into this new chapter with me.
I can assure you,
it'll be nothing but fun and excitement
(and pictures of everything I learn/do... DUH)

Ta ta for now <3



  1. Yay! I am really excited for you! Funny... we both start the new chapter in our lives on the same day.. February 12th. We will both be cheering each other along the way! =D Love you girl. I know you'll be fabulous, cuz you alreaaady arrrreee! =)

  2. That is a great school, I have a few friends who are attending and graduated from that school and are now in great salons. You will need lots of models in all areas of the cosmetology world, maybe he will like some nice fresh painted nails. LOL
    Good Luck, You will do great.

  3. Wooo!!!! How exciting! You are going to be awesome, I'm sure!

  4. Sounds like you have an amazing support team, nothing better than that! Congrats and how exciting, nothing better than following your dreams, I wish you the best in all you do!! :)

  5. Congratulations!!! That's so exciting! And it sounds like you have a great support system. :)

  6. It is great that you have full support from many of those around you. With encouragement and support from others you can achieve anything. Great luck with your educational endeavors, and I look forward to reading more about this journey.

    Amanda at 3lilapples