Friday, January 18, 2013

Dear almost vacation...

Happy end of the week to all!
This week has taken forever to end.
Not to mention I'm working both jobs 3 days in a row,
which equals 16+ hour days,
which equals me being exhausted.
But I love el dinero.

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Dear vacation: you are so close yet so far. two more days of working both jobs and then you are mine!!! Dear today: you are going to be memorable and life changing. Thank you. Dear Karla: thank you so much for helping me figure out how to schedule posts and change me into the proper time zone. Dear Sir Dan: we are kicking butt with getting in shape and eating healthy. I'm very proud of us. Dear laundry: can't you just figure out how to do yourself? That whole 'doing our laundry in our home' thing wore off quick. Can you also fold yourself and put yourself away?? gee thanks. Dear alcoholic beverages: I am also sorry to you. I gave you up because you contain a lot of unwanted and unneeded calories. It's better this way. Dear freakin adorable german shepard puppy: I want you so bad but cannot afford you. I hope you end up with a family that would love you as much as I would.  Dear winter weather: I'm sick of you and making my anxiety spike like no other. I understand I live in an area where this is inevitable, but I can't move. So you move! Dear you (yes you reading this post): Thanks for stopping in! I can't wait to tell you all about mine and Sir Dans life changing event tomorrow. I've been mentioning it for weeks now, and I can finally tell you :) Stay tuned for that. Also, thanks for reading and following along. It means a lot to me to know that somebody actually does read my thoughts and life events... I hope you stick around.

That's all for now my wonderful readers and fellow blogger buddies.
I hope you have a great weekend!

Ta ta for now <3



  1. Dear Nicole... I love your blog, and wish I was going on a vacation period! :)

  2. Where are you going on vacay? The only thing getting me through everything lately is knowing that Tuesday I'm leaving on a jet plane to Colorado and not coming back until the weekend - pure bliss!! Have a great weekend! :)

  3. how awesome! where are you going on vaca?! I'm so happy i found your blog through the blog hop:) cant wait to read more! xo