Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's ok...

Heading back to my favorite linkup of the week
with Amber and Neely

It's Ok... think that these weeks before this new chapter are dragging like Ms. Trunchbulls hammer throw balls after she can't find Matilda.

...that I just referred to one of my favorite childhood movies and that most won't get it like trying new recipes that are healthy and taste good hate living in New England because of the horrible winter weather

...that even though I hate living in CT we will probably never leave or move too far

...that I'm going to be the best damn hairdresser and student Riccis has ever seen

...that I might be just under my goal by Costa Rica but at least I'll be close

...that I haven't had a cup of coffee in almost 2 weeks

...that I want to meet some of you fellow bloggers cause I know we'll get along great hate Valentine's Day even with a husband who I adore 365 days a year!!!

That's all for now folks!
Tomorrows Friday and then the weekend :)

Ta ta for now <3


  1. Good morningggg just thought I would assure that one person got the reference! I love that movie!! :)) I was born and raised in upstate NY and gladly live in SC now (and VA soon!) away from the snow and cold!! Eek, dislike it alot.

    Swing by and follow along for a chance to win one of three prizes tomorrow morning!! Looking forward to being bloggy buddies!

  2. Loved that movie! ;) And I semi agree about Valentine's Day, I'm not a hater but there's been a few of them that have never been spectacular so I'm just waiting to see if anything by hubby gets planned.

  3. LOL! I love Matilda! It was on ABC family a couple times here lately. I watch it everytime. My husband had never seen can bet he sure has now!

  4. Love me some Matilda. Can't wait til Saturdaaaaaaaaay!