Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Real Talk Time- Updated!!

I know I've been MIA lately:
not commenting on posts,
no linkups,
no posts,
But now that the holidays and new year are over,
I am back with avengence.
And in my MIA state,
I was nominated for not one but TWO Liebster Awards!!
Check it out HERE!!
I'm going to start by saying:
I'm sorry that I have not been commenting
or even responding to comments these past few weeks.
The holidays in our family are beyond hectic.
Add a dose of sickness on top
and you've got a missing blogger.
I promise I'll be back to my norm
and commenting/responding!

Now to why we're all here-
It's time for Real Talk Tuesday with Nikki
For my real talk,
I'm gonna just talk about blogging;
why I blog and what not.

My friend Karla had started her blog and I loved it (still do)!
I was really getting into cooking, baking, anything in the kitchen really.
Dan actually mentioned that I should start a little blog about
cooking and to start a place to share my recipe findings.
A week or two later I started this here blog. 

When I first started,
I had no idea what I was doing.
I just wrote but mainly shared that weeks recipe adventures.
That went on for a while,
and I noticed some people starting to read my posts.
I got excited.
Then I wanted to get more serious about my blog.
Yes it is still me,
but I was adventuring into the link up world.
I love link ups and really got into them every week.
I started noticing that the recipes started fading,
and the newlywed-ish blog pulled forward.

I do love where my blog is headed,
but I miss my little recipe blog.
It was so simple when I started.
I didn't get upset when I didn't get any comments or followers.
Now I find myself stuck at no where near the followers I had anticipated after 4 months of blogging and obsessing.
I don't feel it's necessary to pay for a sponsor post.
If a fellow blogger likes my blog,
shouldn't they want to do it for free?
I mean lets think about this for a second:
Sponsor posts or Ad spaces cost between $5-$10.
That doesn't seem like a lot however lets break that down=
You're getting a picture of you on a sidebar along with 5-10 others
for that price.
For $10 you could be getting:
* 5 medium dunkin donuts coffees/teas
* a meal
* make up
* protein bars
You get my point cause the list goes on and on...
And for people on a strict budget,
that's an extra expense when I rather spend it on coffee :)
Am I not writing what people care about?
Should I go back on my recipe stint and forget about newlywed blogging?
Are there too many newlywed bloggers?
Should I do a giveaway?
All these questions pop up in my head.

This past Sunday I realized something:
I don't care about numbers anymore.
I have fun with this here little space in blog land.
It's my safe haven, my thoughts, my whatever I want it to be.
If you want to sponsor my little blog,
I'd love that.
If not...
no biggy :)
I will be glad to sponsor whomever, whenever.
Fo Free!

I think that's all I have on that for now.
Happy Tuesday!

Ta ta for now <3



  1. I am in total agreement with the paying comment. If someone likes me, they'll stop by and comment when they do, and if they have something to say. Because I feel that half of those people who pay probably aren't getting everything out of it anyway.

  2. This is why I hope to never ever ever ever charge for people to be on my sidebar. I feel like once I'm getting paid to feature other bloggers on my blog, I won't like blogging anymore because it will turn into "work". I totally feel ya on this one. Numbers don't mean anything. It's the true readers that keep coming back that matter. And of course, it matters that you love writing, and continue to write, no matter who reads! =D

  3. I definitely agree about not paying for sponsors. I don't have all that extra money lying around to pay for something that I'm not giving 100%. I would love to just switch buttons with you. :)

  4. Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth! I started mine back in April, and some days I think about other bloggers who started months after me and have hundreds more followers then I do and why that is. But then I think about how I'm staying true to me, and how I don't believe in "paying to blog" or paying a blogger to talk nice about me and then I feel just fine :) I'm actually doing a Friday series about this same thing this week! Just stay true to you and it will be a fun hobby.

  5. Thanks for linking up! and I agree. I accept paid sponsors but I generally give out swaps or codes as well,no matter what the size if its for a blog I like, and I love yours!