Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Instagramazing Weekend

Well it's back to work for me.
Not too happy about it,
but I have another week off in 2 weeks :)
something to look forward to.

today is the third instagramazing linkup with Karla and I
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4. Have Fun!! This is about showcasing your weekend, good, bad, or ugly! 

 Friday we met up with one of my bestest best friends
for dinner and drinks.
We danced and sung the night away!

Saturday Dan and I celebrated Christmas with his dads family.
They were in Florida during Christmas (they also called and rubbed it in our faces how warm it was there).
The bottom right pic is how Mary wrapped our gift:
with a napkin. 

Sunday went to the puppies.
A relaxing, catching up day before another work week starts.

What did you do this weekend?
Link up with Karla and I!

Ta ta for now <3



  1. Your puppies are so cute!! And I love the goofy picture of you. :)

  2. Yay for still celebrating Christmas :) Your puppies are too cute!

  3. I agree, the puppies are SOO CUTE!! Now I can't wait to get home and snuggle mine!

  4. New follower, adorable pups! Love your blog :)

  5. Looks like a great weekend! Lots of happy pics!

    Thanks for linking up with us. We got a new button if you want to grab it for next time :)