Wednesday, January 23, 2013

newlyWed Wednesday

I miss my old little newlywed wednesdays.
So today, I'm goin back to my little bloggy self :)

On Monday I met up with a friend of mine
who got married just under a month ago.
She showed me all her pictures and 
it brought me back to my wedding and experiences.

I thought I'd share with you my Say Yes to the Dress experience.
I am still in love with my gown.
If I could wear it every day, 
I would.

It was June 11, 2011,
just under a year until our wedding.
We went to a local bridal salon,
a friend and her family own and run it.
I brought along some of my bridesmaids, 
my mom, grandma, and aunt.
Before I headed there,
I decided I wanted to make the experience one both
I and my friends and family would remember and have fun with-
so I made score cards! 
They were numbered 1-4, 1 being the worst and 4 the best.
Everybody got a set and one of the bridesmaids wrote down 
what each person rated each dress.
And one of my other bridesmaids took tons of pictures
of each and every dress.

Yes I wore a brides hat!

When I first went to the salon,
I never thought I'd find my dress on the first shot.
I thought I'd visit tons of salons and then find my dress.
Well that didn't happen.
It was the second out of 12 dresses I tried on.
And the only reason I tried on 10 more,
was to make sure it was the one (even though I knew).

I've always wanted to BIG POOFY dress with a train for days.
I told my friend (who works there) exactly that.
She had no idea the dress I picked was the one I had stored in my phone for months.
The experience was so much fun,
I didn't want it to end.
It was such a surreal feeling,
I felt like a princess.
all the dresses I tried on. yes I made my mom and grams cry.

But I knew my dress when I put it on.
And so did everybody in attendance.
It was the only dress to get all 4's!
There were some funny dresses I tried on,
Picture #6 we called the tornado dress because it had tulle going around the waist.
And the second to last one was so poofy and had flowers on top, it was ridic!

The two on the top left we called the comforter dress, because it looked like a down comforter instead of gown.
The rest are my dress! 
It passed every test:
train for days- check
sparkly- check
corset back- check
sit test- check
boobs looking great and waist small- check and check
I got an extra poofy slip for the bottom.
It was everything I'd hoped for and more!

Cheltee and Kelly

Ta ta for now <3


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  1. Your dress is Beautiful. I love the picture with the Boa, awesome.

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