Friday, January 11, 2013

I need your help!

Blog buddies I need your help.
Erin from Living in yellow
Posted these awesome cards for all occasions,
But Valentine’s Day is vastly approaching
And I need your help on picking out which one
To get Sir Daniel.
Here are the contestants:
All of them signify some aspect of our relationship,
That’s why I’m having such a problem!!
1.)   Olive Juice- Dan and I say this to each other all the time because it sounds like I love you when you say it fast.
2.)   You’re getting laid tonight *unless you forgot to buy me flowers- not that you guys need to know about our sex life, but we lead a very verryy active one. And this one is just funny cause of the little punch line at the bottom.
3.)   I’m only in this for your CUTE BUTT. Obviously. Happy Valentine’s Day- I llloovve Dans butt, he honestly has the butt most women dream about. It’s not huge or wide, and it’s got the perfect amount of roundness to it and I tell him that all the time.
4.)   I Love you 365 days of the yearnot just on Valentine’s Day- now this one I’m wondering if I can use for our anniversary as well. Dan and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day except for exchanging a card if that! We believe that we love each other every single day the same amount and nothing changes on 2/14.

So what do you all think??

Also, if you also love these cards and many more,

Ta ta for now <3



  1. They are all adorable! If I was picking, I would pick #3. My hubby has a pretty nice butt too ;)

  2. These are all freaking amazing and adorable. I think you should go with number 2 or 3, they are just too cute.

  3. Those are all totally cute ideas. I think my favorite is #3 though...I can appreciate a guy with a nice butt (cough*Chris Evans*cough) know...that's the one I'd give Chris Evans...if I was dating Chris Evans lol.

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award over at my blog. You can come pick up your pretty award here!

    Have a great weekend!