Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Favorite Hair and Makeup Products

What woman doesn't want to talk
about hair and makeup?!
New products, trying new things,
tips and tricks, colors... the fun goes on.

Being in cosmetology school,
I've learned a lot of tips and tricks.
Some I use, some I use only on clients.
So today I decided to
share with you all whats in
my cosmetic bag!

These are my every day go to products.
I don't know what I'd do or look like for that matter
without my dream team.

Lets start with my hair products.
These are just some that I use every day:
Bed Heads Ego Boost
Moroccanoil Luminous Medium Hairspray
Catwalks Thickening Gel
Riccis Head Trip Locked Up Root Booster

At school we sell Bed Head, Catwalk, and Riccis products.
So of course I have a ton of them floating around.
You can buy all but the Riccis brand in stores.
I highly recommend Ego Boost if you have split ends
and need a lightweight leave in conditioner.
Moroccanoil Hairspray is the best hairspray on the market.
It's slightly expensive but it's fabulous for your hair.
And with short hairstyles, you need a lot of spray.
Catwalks thickening gel is freakin amazing!
If you have thin and/or fine hair that won't do anything,
buy this product NOW!
I have both thin-fine hair that hates volume or being thick,
I bought this and it looks like I have triple my normal hair,
I get tons of volume, and a little goes a long way.
Riccis Locked Up is a root booster to help boost volume
from the root and help to give you the upmost volume.
Mix that with the thickening gel and you're a sexy hair goddess.

** Also amazing tip: if you want a post makeup
finishing mist that'll help your  makeup last all day,
spray hairspray on it! It's better than a finishing product.
It's sticky at first but once it dries, you can't even tell**

My go to eye makeup:
Urban Decays Naked 2 Palette
Maybellines Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil
Maybellines Falsies Mascara
Mally Volumizing Mascara
elf gel eyeliner

If you aren't great at doing eyeshadow
or making a smokey eye,
the naked palette is fool proof.
You can mix all the colors or a couple
and create a sexy simple look or
sexy smokey eye.
Nicole's eyeshadow color tip:
Most people think to match the color
of their eye to the eyeshadow...
One thing most women don't realize is 
just how important eyebrows are for the final look.
A filled in eyebrow is super sexy.
You don't even need an eyebrow pencil,
you can use eyeshadow!!
I use both.
Try it and let me know what you think.
I use two mascaras- one for volumizing, one for length.
Both of these together makes my
eyelashes look fake and sexy as hell.
Gel eyeliner is the new thing and let me 
tell you, I'm so glad I tried it.
Now I won't go back to anything else.
Sometimes if I want a fine line I'll use
my felt tip liquid eyeliner.
But for $3 this gel liner is bangin!!! 

Last but not least, my face makeup:
Covergirl Trublend foundation
Physicians Formula bronzer
Mac blush

I go between liquid and powder foundation,
right now I'm rockin the trublend.
It's lightweight and blends perfectly.
Physicians Formula to me has the best bronzer out there.
I haven't found another bronzer like it.
Put the bronzer OVER the foundation and you'll
forever have a sexy glow.
Don't forget to blend down through the neck,
nobody wants a tan line.
The Mac blush was gifted to me,
it's verrryy pigmented so I put a little on
and boy does that little go a long way.
Never put blush on below your cheekbones,
start at your apple and swipe upward over your bone.

Hope this helped or gave some insight into
awesome and generally cheap makeup purchases.
Next time I'll talk about contouring and highlighting.



  1. Never even thought to use hairspray as a finishing tool on my face! I buy the expensive MAC stuff, it works but like I said, It's expensive so I don't use it on a daily basis. I'm addicted to BED HEAD hairspray. I love that it doesn't SMELL like hairspray!

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