Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I found this little gem on my dear 
bestie Karla's blog the other day,
and really like it...
So I stole it from her :)

making : well according to Sir Daniel, sweet loooove... but not right now haha. We
are currently making our super well known, absolutely delicious favorite dinner.
cooking : ^^ those amazing shells
drinking : a water bottle filled with 3 packets of Emergen-C as fast as I can
because that stuff is absolutely disgusting.reading: Some awesome blog posts
wanting: to not be getting sick like everybody else I know and am around all day.
Hence the Emergen-C overdosage.
looking: for a nice black pair of boots... uh I love fall and boots,
but they don't make cute ones in baby sizes with dancer calves.
playingTheSims Free Play on my phone while playing American Horror Story
on Netflix, season 1... mostly on mute because I hate scary things.wasting: no time on getting through school as fast as I can to start
making some real money. 
wishingfor some super awesome fall foliage and clothes to go with
the beautiful weather we've been having.enjoyingthe gorgeous, crisp weather and completely clear blue skies
while watching the leaves turn into beautiful shades of falls colors.

waiting: for science to come up with something where you can lose
whatever you weight you want in 1 day. Ok I'll take a week but something 
like that invention would be nice.
liking: my sisters brand new 2013 Honda Civic and wanting one of my own.
wonderingwhat is going on with our government. I've never been
a fan of the government, but I like knowing something is there.loving my husband and his unconditional love and support.
I've never had someone support me as much as him,
even for something as stupid as coming home from work.
hoping: that one day I'll get that excitement for having a child or two
instead of being petrified... because I want children but 
don't want to go through the process.
marvelingat how smart and determined my husband 
is in every aspect of his life. Please send a prayer that he 
gets a teaching job he recently interviewed for.
smelling: our amazing dinner cooking away
wearingPJs cause they are super comfy.
following: this current path that I'm on
noticing: how much I missed blogging, but don't want it 
to take over my life like it did before.knowingthat tomorrow is HUMP DAY and one of my best
friends is coming in to get her hair donethinking: back to this weekend of apple picking with Sir Dan
on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. We laughed the whole time
and had a little romantic moment to ourselves.

bookmarking: some fun ways to decorate for the fall
opening: my locked phone to see tons of notifications and emails
gigglingat how cute my husband is while he plays an online game
with his older brother on the other end of the state.feelingtired and sickly, but happy and content at the same time.


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  1. I love the picture of the rearview mirror. And this post idea. I might have to "steal" this from you! ;)