Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Time I Thought I Could Be A Fashion Blogger

I'm not really one to be 
in the fashion now.
Sure I try to be,
but because my wardrobe consists of 
mainly black,
it's extremely hard.

I'm a sucker for some cute boots.
And over the past couple years,
I've worn the exact same pair of boots.
Now they are torn and worn
like a retired prostitute.
With some money I've been saving from work,
I decided to treat myself to some new ones.

I'm obsessed with them both.
However does anybody else have this problem?!?!
One side zips all the way up,
the other doesn't quite make it?!
What the heck calves!!!
So now my goal is to stretch the crap outta
these boots so that they both zip up.
So now I'm wearing them around the house 
in hopes that they'll be stretched enough for tomorrow.
Highly doubted,
but a great idea.

Have you bought any cute boots for the upcoming season??



  1. I swear, whenever I start working out... I get madddd muscles in the calf area and no where else!! Damn dancer calves of ours!! If I want boots, they have to be wide width to fit my calves, or else... forget it! But I've never had one zip and one not. Interesting! Hope you can stretch them out! I looooove them!! =D

  2. LOVE your boots! I have 3 pair of boots at work I want, but I haven't bought any of them yet, and it's killing me not owning them and wearing the crap out of them!! ;)

  3. Now they are torn and worn
    like a retired prostitute.
    HAHAHA! I'm dying. I too, am obsessed with a certain pair of riding boots I have. My old ones were pretty worn out so I bought a pair similar but not identical this season. I literally would sleep in them if my husband didn't think I was nuts. Guess high heels are the only shoes that are a turn on in bed..;)