Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vino. Vino. And More Vino.

After all of my years of drinking,
and more importantly,
this past year when my relationship with wine 
went from casually dating to in a serious relationship-
I've never been to a vineyard.
Yes I know,
I should be punished.

this past weekend one of my best friends
was celebrating her birthday and decided to head
up to a vineyard in good ol' CT.
There's actually a lot of vineyards in CT,
which is just making this worse for me, huh?

As some of you may or may not know,
Sir Dan does not drink alcohol at all.
We were all slightly worried because it's a 
day full of drinking,
but he had equally as much fun.

(if you've never been)
are absolutely gorgeous and aren't just all about drinking
(that's somewhat of a lie).
Chamard Vineyard was absolutely breath taking.
It was a partly cloudy day,
around 65 degrees,
crisp with a slight fall breeze.

My friends sister and I did the wine tasting
and found the most delicious fresh mines I've ever tasted.
My favorite was the Chardonnay that they made 
on premises and grapes from the vineyard.

And now I'm gonna let the pictures do the rest of the talking.
But honestly,
go to a local vineyard and relax.
Especially around this time of year when the leaves
are changing and the air/weather is beautiful.

The wines we tasted

wine tasting buddy

the best wine I've ever had

the vineyard



  1. Awesome pictures!!! =D All 4 of us need to go sometime! =D

  2. Aww.. I wish we had vineyards around here but all we have are beaches!! It looks like such a good time and if I had a bucket list, visiting a vineyard would totally be on it!!