Monday, October 21, 2013

A Fall Filled Weekend

I'm super sad it's Monday,
for once.
I normally love Sundays and Mondays,
but this weekend was too much fun 
and I don't want it to stop.

one. Sunday night at my parents house consisted of one of my
favorite home cooked meals, a bonfire, and crazy convos about child birth.
needless to say- I'm not going to be bearing children now.
two. we had to stop at target really quick and I spotted this.
It's October 20th... this disgusts me!!
three. Saturday night we hit up our fave local bar for some drinks
after our adventure up to NH.
four. at the Keene annual pumpkin festival. literally hundreds upon
hundreds of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. 
five. at a beautiful lake in NH. so romantic and gorgeous with all fall foliage.
six. the beautiful path to the lake.
seven. another spot on the lake.
eight-nine. again at the pumpkin festival. one of the coolest pumpkins 
at the festival. 

How was your weekend?!
Can we rewind and do it all over again??


1 comment:

  1. Seeing Christmas stuff up in stores is the VERY reason why I refuse to enter Walmart or any Mall. And the fact that KMart started their layaway ads early disgusts me-- and we don't even have KMarts in Pensacola, FL. KILL ME NOW!