Friday, October 4, 2013

I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling...

Yup, that's right everybody!
I celebrated my 26th birthday on September 18th. 
And boy has it been amazing,
and yes I am still celebrating.

We tend to have birthday months.
And I love it.
Because of work and school,
it's been hard to see everybody- so we've 
broken it up into a couple weeks.

My actual birthday day/night was spent at school
and then out to dinner with my amazing husband.

At school, everybody made my birthday so special!
My friends got me a card, munchkins, cupcakes, and balloons.
My mom stopped in with a cake, flowers, and a balloon.
It was amazing :)

One of my best friends boyfriends birthdays is the
same exact day so they ended up joining us for dinner.
We had a great night with them and an amazing dinner.

Sir Dan gave me this gorgeous Swarovski crystal bracelet,
along with these 30 beautiful red roses, and these two Alex&Ani bracelets.
I truly have the best husband, friends, and family a person could ask for.


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