Monday, October 28, 2013

A Beer Pong Table, Pumpkins, Football, and Bonfires

Today I'm linking up with Sami 
from Sami's Shenanigans ffooorr:

Saturday morning was spent at school,
and it was a heck of a busy day.
Since there are only about 10 of us on the floor
able to take clients,
we were all doubling up.
It was crazy but awesome at the same time.
I also got to try Sexy Mother Pucker
extreme lip plumper which was weird feeling.
It makes your lips tingle and feel numb,
but it made my bottom lip larger.

Saturday evening after a hectic day,
and many plan changes,
we headed to Hartford for a Halloween party
at a super fun bar with my sister and her fiance
plus a couple of our friends.
My sister informed me literally 2 hours before we
would have to leave that it was a costume party...
yea we didn't have a costume.
Somehow I thought of the easiest, coolest
homemade couples costume ever.
We were a beer pong table.
And boy was it a hit at the bar.
We carried around pong balls and had people play.
We were also asked to enter the group contest...
we didn't win but was told but half the people that we should've.

Sunday morning we slept in after a late night out.
It felt so nice to not set an alarm, let me tell you.
After we finally got our act together,
we went out to brunch at a local diner
and then pumpkin picking!!
I sat in the wheel barrel and was literally crying
I was laughing so hard... but made for a cute picture.

Sunday night we headed over to my parents house
for our usual bonfire and dinner date.
And we carved our pumpkins too!!
Dans is the awesome minion,
mine is an angry (suppose to be happy) pumpkin.
We also made banana boats,
which is bananas, chocolate, and marshmellows wrapped
in aluminum and put in the simmering fire.
Welp lemme tell you-
you're suppose to use hersheys, not semi sweet choc. chips.
We also didn't have marshmellows.
They weren't bad,
but definitely not great.
More fun to make because we were laughing so hard
at the provocative looking bananas.

So there ya have it.
I also received great news Friday night at work:
I am being promoted and start my training
as a bartender at work.
I'm super excited to finally be trained
and working as a bartender.
I also feel extremely honored because I was 
chosen amongst the many people I work with.
Here's to new adventures :)

How was your weekend??
Do anything exciting?!
Share below.



  1. Woohoooo promotion!!! That's awesome!!! And ohhhhh my gosh, best costume ever! I've never even seen that done before!! Your pumpkins are fantastic!

  2. Loving the beer pong table! Genius! Also, congrats on your promotion! Sounds super exciting!!! :)