Monday, October 14, 2013

I Found Mine.

Well the mushy theme seems to be the it thing around these parts.
I'm normally not a mushad,
but it's a good change :)

A couple weeks ago,
my real life bestie Karla posted about the list,
the list every girl makes about the 'perfect' guy.
A while ago,
I made my dream guy list.
And here's some of it:
Can't do drugs or smoke (anything).
Not an alcoholic.
Dark hair, light eyes, perfect teeth.
Healthy, no crazy diseases or problems.
Taller than me.
Financially stable.
Lots of goals.
Knows where he's going with life.

It went on into more specific details of what I'd
like and wouldn't like.
Over the course of my dating life,
I've let some of these slide.
Most girls I feel do this,
the most important ones at that.
I let my top bunch fade away for 'the man of my dreams'
at the time.
I'd always let: can't smoke or do drugs, financially stable,
smart, and has goals just vanish.

Finally I started growing up more and more
and stop really looking for my 'soulmate.'
I also realized that those few things were very important
and to not let them go for anybody. 

Then I met my actual soulmate.
From the day I met Sir Dan,
I knew he was put in front of me for a reason.
Do you know how many of the things
Sir Dan filled and how many I had to change?
He filled them all and I didn't change one thing,
or let one go for that matter.
That's how you know you've met your soulmate.
You don't have to change yourself,
your partner,
or anything else...
Their meant for you, and you them.
Don't settle for anybody,
there's somebody out there for everybody.
Each day I'm thankful for whomever
led me to my soulmate.


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